Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Complex Hydraulic-Fracture Geometries in Reservoir Simulators SPE 315 downloads
2. A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between Statistical- and Fractal-Fracture-Network Characteristics and Effective Fracture-Network Permeability SPE 312 downloads
3. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 296 downloads
4. A New Approach to the Modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 231 downloads
5. A New Probabilistic Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in Well Performance of Shale Gas Reservoirs SPE 197 downloads
6. Relative Permeability Calculations From Pore Size Distribution Data SPE 173 downloads
7. Analysis of Decline Curves SPE 131 downloads
8. Novel Insights Into Mechanisms of Oil Recovery by Use of Low-Salinity-Water Injection SPE 121 downloads
9. An Integrated System for Drilling Real Time Data Analytics SPE 120 downloads
10. The Material Balance Equation SPE 117 downloads
11. Using RealTime Data for Well Design Optimization, Not Just Drilling Optimization SPE 113 downloads
12. A Model for Refracturing Operations in Horizontal Wells Employing Diverting Agents SPE 113 downloads
13. Calculation of Total Skin Factors SPE 109 downloads
14. A Practical Approach for Determining Permeability From Laboratory Pressure-Pulse Decay Measurements SPE 108 downloads
15. Fracturing Carbonate Reservoirs: Acidising Fracturing or Fracturing with Proppants? SPE 104 downloads
16. Far-Field Diversion in Hydraulic Fracturing and Acid Fracturing: Using Solid Particulates to Improve Stimulation Efficiency SPE 103 downloads
17. Legacy Well Protection Refrac Mitigates Offset Well Completion Communications in Joint Industry Project SPE 102 downloads
18. Comprehensive Modeling of Downhole Temperature in a Horizontal Well with Multiple Fractures SPE 102 downloads
19. Recovery Factor Prediction for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Oilfields by Integration of Dimensionless Numbers with Data Mining Techniques SPE 101 downloads
20. Integrated Reservoir Management SPE 101 downloads
21. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 101 downloads
22. Overcoming Challenges in Fracture Stimulation through Advanced Fracture Diagnostics SPE 100 downloads
23. The Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 100 downloads
24. A Semi-Analytical Solution for Estimating the Fracture Width in Wellbore Strengthening Applications SPE 95 downloads
25. Business Models and KPIs as Drivers for Drilling Automation SPE 95 downloads
26. Mechanical Skin Damage on Wells SPE 95 downloads
27. Optimization of Hydraulic Fractures in Tight-Oil Reservoirs Using Different Numerical Fracture Models SPE 94 downloads
28. Porosity and Saturation Methods API 93 downloads
29. Experimental and Numerical Study on Spontaneous Imbibition of Fracturing Fluids in the Horn River Shale Gas Formation SPE 92 downloads
30. The Effect of Rock Properties on Fracture Conductivity in the Marcellus Shale SPE 88 downloads
31. Application of Artificial Intelligence in Oilfield Operation and Intervention SPE 88 downloads
32. Transient Pressure Analysis of Horizontal Well with Slanted Hydraulic Fractures and Drainage Volume Characterization Using Fast Marching Method SPE 86 downloads
33. Integrated Production Analysis Using the Concept of Dynamic Drainage Volume: Modelling, Simulation and Field Applications SPE 86 downloads
34. Technical Report: Guidance for Decision Quality for Multicompany Upstream Projects SPE 86 downloads
35. Widths of Hydraulic Fractures SPE 85 downloads
36. What is Reservoir Engineering? SPE 85 downloads
37. Fracture Gradient Prediction and Its Application in Oilfield Operations SPE 84 downloads
38. CiSoft and Smart Oilfield Technologies SPE 84 downloads
39. Managed Pressure Drilling Technology: Applications, Variations and Case Histories SPE 83 downloads
40. Leveraging Data-driven Exception Based Surveillance to Maximize Returns in Times of Low Oil Prices SPE 83 downloads
41. 3D Multi-Fracture Propagation Modeling and Perforating Cluster Space Optimisation for the Fuling Shale Gas Reservoir SPE 82 downloads
42. Magnetic Recovery-Injecting Newly Designed Magnetic Fracturing Fluid with Applied Magnetic Field for EOR SPE 81 downloads
43. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Well Completion and Production Performance in Bakken Shale Using Data-Driven Approaches SPE 81 downloads
44. An Integrated Completion and Reservoir Modeling Methodology for Horizontal Shale Wells: A Montney Formation Example SPE 80 downloads
45. Optimising the Multistage Fracturing Interval for Horizontal Wells in Bakken and Three Forks Formations SPE 80 downloads
46. Real-Time Production Surveillance and Optimization at a Mature Subsea Asset SPE 80 downloads
47. How Can We Turn Intelligent Energy into Profitable Operations? SPE 79 downloads
48. Acid Fracturing Carbonate-Rich Shale: A Feasibility Investigation of Eagle Ford Formation SPE 79 downloads
49. Optique: Simple, Oil & Gas-oriented Access to Big Data in Exploration SPE 78 downloads
50. 3D Reconstruction of Porous Media From a 2D Section and Comparisons of Transport and Elastic Properties SPE 78 downloads