Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 235 downloads
2. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 210 downloads
3. The Effect of Mechanical Properties Anisotropy in the Generation of Hydraulic Fractures in Organic Shales SPE 198 downloads
4. Design Methodology and Operational Practices Eliminate Differential Sticking SPE 150 downloads
5. Hydraulic Fracturing 101: What Every Representative, Environmentalist, Regulator, Reporter, Investor, University Researcher, Neighbor and Engineer Should Know About Estimating Frac Risk and Improving Frac Performance in Unconventional Gas and Oil Wells SPE 141 downloads
6. Effect of Fracture Geometry on Well Production in Hydraulic-Fractured Tight Oil Reservoirs SPE 138 downloads
7. Well Log Normalization: Methods and Guidelines SPWLA 134 downloads
8. Analysis of Decline Curves SPE 107 downloads
9. Pressure-Transient Characteristics of Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale-Gas Reservoirs With Natural- and Rejuvenated-Fracture Networks SPE 96 downloads
10. Refracturing on Horizontal Wells in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas - One Operator’s Perspective SPE 96 downloads
11. The Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 93 downloads
12. Pressure-Transient Tests and Flow Regimes in Fractured Reservoirs SPE 89 downloads
13. Gas Permeability of Shale SPE 87 downloads
14. Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles SPE 81 downloads
15. A Practical Use of Shale Petrophysics for Stimulation Design Optimization: All Shale Plays Are Not Clones of the Barnett Shale SPE 81 downloads
16. Reactive-Dissolution Modeling and Experimental Comparison of Wormhole Formation in Carbonates with Gelled and Emulsified Acids SPE 81 downloads
17. Improved Oil Recovery by Low-Salinity Waterflooding SPE 80 downloads
18. An Integrated Petrophysics and Geomechanics Approach for Fracability Evaluation in Shale Reservoirs SPE 80 downloads
19. From Oil-Prone Source Rock to Gas-Producing Shale Reservoir - Geologic and Petrophysical Characterization of Unconventional Shale Gas Reservoirs SPE 78 downloads
20. Environmental Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing SPE 78 downloads
21. Aspects of Wellbore Heat Transfer During Two-Phase Flow (includes associated papers 30226 and 30970 ) SPE 77 downloads
22. Evaluation of Gas Adsorption in Marcellus Shale SPE 77 downloads
23. Opening New Opportunities With Fast Reservoir-Performance Evaluation Under Uncertainty: Brugge Field Case Study SPE 76 downloads
24. What Is Stimulated Reservoir Volume? SPE 76 downloads
25. Selection of Artificial Lift SPE 75 downloads
26. A Comprehensive Review of Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flooding SPE 74 downloads
27. Re-Fracturing in Eagle Ford and Bakken to Increase Reserves and Generate Incremental NPV: Field Study SPE 73 downloads
28. EOR: Current Status and Opportunities SPE 73 downloads
29. Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas Reservoirs SPE 71 downloads
30. Actual and Optimal Hydraulic-Fracture Design in a Tight Gas Reservoir SPE 69 downloads
31. Recent Advances in Surfactant EOR SPE 68 downloads
32. High Density Clear Fluids for Completions and Workovers SPE 68 downloads
33. Economic Optimization of Horizontal-Well Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs SPE 67 downloads
34. Application and Quality Control of Core Data for the Development and Validation of Elemental Spectroscopy Log Interpretation SPWLA 66 downloads
35. Water Control Diagnostic Plots SPE 66 downloads
36. Mitigation of the Effects of Condensate Banking: A Critical Review SPE 66 downloads
37. Hydraulic Fracturing in the Dutch Posedonia Shale SPE 65 downloads
38. Probabilistic Evaluation of Global Technically Recoverable Tight Gas Resources SPE 64 downloads
39. Wettability and Its Effect on Oil Recovery SPE 64 downloads
40. Selection of a Chemical EOR Strategy in a Heavy Oil Reservoir Using Laboratory Data and Reservoir Simulation SPE 63 downloads
41. Reservoir Modeling for Flow Simulation by Use of Surfaces, Adaptive Unstructured Meshes, and an Overlapping-Control-Volume Finite-Element Method SPE 63 downloads
42. Gas Condensate Reservoir Performance PETSOC 63 downloads
43. Solving Delays, Inefficiencies And Increased Safety Risks In Facilities: A Breathing Air Case Study SPE 62 downloads
44. Automated Dynamic Well Control With Managed-Pressure Drilling: A Case Study and Simulation Analysis SPE 62 downloads
45. Low Salinity EOR in Carbonates SPE 62 downloads
46. Mechanisms of Oil Displacement By Carbon Dioxide SPE 61 downloads
47. Capillary Behavior in Porous Solids SPE 61 downloads
48. An Evidence-Based Approach to Well-Integrity Risk Management SPE 60 downloads
49. Drill Cutting Reinjection Feasibility Study in a Critical Environment, Apaika Field, Ecuador SPE 59 downloads
50. Foams Stabilized by In-Situ Surface-Activated Nanoparticles in Bulk and Porous Media SPE 58 downloads