Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. Recovery Factor Prediction for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Oilfields by Integration of Dimensionless Numbers with Data Mining Techniques SPE 501 downloads
2. A Critical Analysis of the Relationship Between Statistical- and Fractal-Fracture-Network Characteristics and Effective Fracture-Network Permeability SPE 317 downloads
3. Net Pay: What is it? What does it do? How do we quantify it? How do we use it? SPE 317 downloads
4. Assessing the Processes, Tools, and Value of Sharing and Learning from Offshore E&P Safety Related Data SPE 314 downloads
5. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 285 downloads
6. New-Generation Ultrasonic Measurements for Quantitative Cement Evaluation in Heavy Muds and Thick-Wall Casings SPE 170 downloads
7. Design and Implementation of the First CO2-EOR Demonstration Project in Saudi Arabia SPE 152 downloads
8. Fracture Gradient Prediction and Its Application in Oilfield Operations SPE 144 downloads
9. New Approach for Using Surfactants to Enhance Oil Recovery from Naturally Fractured Oil-Wet Carbonate Reservoirs SPE 142 downloads
10. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 139 downloads
11. A New Model to Determine Leakage Factor for a Finite Aquifer Using Pressure Fall off Test in CBM Reservoir SPE 137 downloads
12. A Shale Matrix Imbibition Model – Interplay between Capillary Pressure and Osmotic Pressure SPE 130 downloads
13. 1D and 2D Modeling in Studying Petroleum Potential of the South Kara Basin SPE 129 downloads
14. Production Pressure Drawdown Management for Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Formations SPE 121 downloads
15. The Impact of Geomechanics and Perforations on Hydraulic Fracture Initiation and Complexity in Horizontal Well Completions SPE 120 downloads
16. Applying Big Data Analytics to Detect, Diagnose, and Prevent Impending Failures in Electric Submersible Pumps SPE 117 downloads
17. Enhanced Oil Recovery by Combined Nanofluid and Low Salinity Water Flooding in Multi-Layer Heterogeneous Reservoirs SPE 115 downloads
18. Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Damage on Shale Gas Well Production Performance SPE 114 downloads
19. ROP Optimization Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques with Statistical Regression Coupling SPE 114 downloads
20. Use of Transient Tests to Monitor Progress of Flooding in IOR / EOR Operations SPE 114 downloads
21. Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Complex Hydraulic-Fracture Geometries in Reservoir Simulators SPE 113 downloads
22. Applying Data-Driven Method to Production Decline Analysis and Forecasting SPE 112 downloads
23. An Innovative Approach to Model Two-Phase Flowback of Shale Gas Wells with Complex Fracture Networks SPE 110 downloads
24. Why Re-Fracturing Works and Under What Conditions SPE 110 downloads
25. Downhole Water Sink (DWS) Completion Enchance OIL Recovery in Reservoirs with Water Coning Problem SPE 109 downloads
26. Complex Facilities and Multireservoir Production Management Using a Tightly Integrated High Performance Simulator with a Flexible User Procedure Facility SPE 109 downloads
27. Inferring Interwell Connectivity Using Production Data SPE 106 downloads
28. Anomalous Diffusion Approach and Field Application for Fractured Nano-Porous Reservoirs SPE 105 downloads
29. Additives for CO2 EOR Applications SPE 104 downloads
30. Examining the Geomechanical Implicaitons of Pre-Existing Fractures and Simultaneous-Multi-Fracturing Completions on Hydraulic Fractures: Experimental Insights into Fracturing Unconventional Formations SPE 104 downloads
31. Maximizing the Value of Unconventional Liquid Rich Shale Development With Integrated Cross-Discipline Approach SPE 104 downloads
32. Reuse of Produced Water by Membranes for Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE 103 downloads
33. Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles SPE 103 downloads
34. Compositional Rate Transient Analysis in Liquid Rich Shale Reservoirs SPE 103 downloads
35. Big Data Yields Completion Optimization: Using Drilling Data to Optimize Completion Efficiency in a Low Permeability Formation SPE 103 downloads
36. Geopolitics of Unconventional Resources Outside North America SPE 103 downloads
37. A Novel Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology Using Dimethyl Ether/Brine: Spontaneous Imbibition in Sandstone and Carbonate Rocks SPE 102 downloads
38. Rate-Transient Analysis for Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells in Conventional and Un-Conventional Homogeneous and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 101 downloads
39. 3D Downhole Drilling Automation Based on Minimum Well Profile Energy SPE 100 downloads
40. Drill Rig Control Systems: Debugging, Tuning, and Long Term Needs SPE 99 downloads
41. Advanced Production Data Analysis in Oil Carbonate Reservoirs SPE 97 downloads
42. Polymer Flooding Review SPE 96 downloads
43. Bottomhole Pressure Prediction Using Multiphase Hydraulics in Underbalanced and Managed Pressure Drilling Operations SPE 96 downloads
44. Impact of Local Stress Heterogeneity on Fracture Initiation in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Case Study from Saudi Arabia SPE 96 downloads
45. Best Practices and Lessons Learned from more than 1,000 Treatments: Revival of Mature Fields by Hydraulic Fracturing in Khalda Ridge, Egypt's Western Desert SPE 95 downloads
46. A Rapid Method of Predicting Width and Extent of Hydraulically Induced Fractures SPE 93 downloads
47. Nanomaterials-Enhanced High-Temperature Fracturing Fluids Prepared with Untreated Seawater SPE 92 downloads
48. Injection Induced Fracture Propagation and Stress Reorientation in Waterflooded Reservoirs SPE 91 downloads
49. Efficient Calculation of Proppant Transport in a Wellbore-Fracture System SPE 89 downloads
50. Oil Industry First Interwell Trial of Reservoir Nanoagent Tracers SPE 88 downloads