Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. CO2 Mobility Control by Carbonate Precipitation: A Modeling Study SPE 650 downloads
2. Modeling Gas Adsorption in Marcellus Shale With Langmuir and BET Isotherms SPE 300 downloads
3. Cement Evaluation--A Risky Business SPE 235 downloads
4. Managing Suspension Characteristics of Lost-Circulation Materials in a Drilling Fluid SPE 199 downloads
5. Water And Gas Coning In Horizontal And Vertical Wells PETSOC 171 downloads
6. Detecting Fracture Growth Out of Zone by Use of Temperature Analysis SPE 168 downloads
7. Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles SPE 162 downloads
8. An Introduction to Porosity SPWLA 159 downloads
9. A Four-Phase Chemical/Gas Model in an Implicit-Pressure/Explicit-Concentration Reservoir Simulator SPE 159 downloads
10. Cement Slurries With Rheological Properties Unaffected by Temperature SPE 149 downloads
11. Fully Coupled Hydromechanical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracturing in 3D Discrete-Fracture Networks SPE 146 downloads
12. Ultrasonic-Log Response in Lightweight-Cement Conditions SPE 145 downloads
13. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 143 downloads
14. Foams With Wettability-Altering Capabilities for Oil-Wet Carbonates: A Synergistic Approach SPE 141 downloads
15. Fully-Coupled 3D Hydraulic Fracture Models: Development, Validation, and Application to O&G Problems SPE 129 downloads
16. Geomechanical-Evaluation Enabled Successful Stimulation of a High-Pressure/High-Temperature Tight Gas Reservoir in Western China SPE 129 downloads
17. Design and Demonstration of New Single-Well Tracer Test for Viscous Chemical Enhanced-Oil-Recovery Fluids SPE 126 downloads
18. <div> A Quantitative Approach To Characterize Porosity Structure From Borehole Electrical Images and Its Application in a Carbonate Reservoir in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin</div> SPE 124 downloads
19. Analysis of Step-Pressure Tests SPE 119 downloads
20. Pressure-Transient Analysis of a Finite-Conductivity Inclined Fracture Connected to a Slanted Wellbore SPE 115 downloads
21. Water Control Diagnostic Plots SPE 111 downloads
22. Hydraulic Fracture Modeling Workflow and Toolkits for Well Completion Optimization in Unconventionals SPE 107 downloads
23. Gas Permeability of Shale SPE 106 downloads
24. Observations of Tensile Fracturing of Anisotropic Rocks SPE 106 downloads
25. Development of Polyglycolic- and Polylactic-Acid Fluid-Loss-Control Materials for Fracturing Fluids SPE 105 downloads
26. Mechanistic Modeling of Low-Salinity Waterflooding Through Coupling a Geochemical Package With a Compositional Reservoir Simulator SPE 105 downloads
27. Fluid Pressure Gradients in Tight Formations SPE 97 downloads
28. Geomechanics of Lost-Circulation Events and Wellbore-Strengthening Operations SPE 96 downloads
29. EOR: Current Status and Opportunities SPE 94 downloads
30. Simultaneous Flow of Liquid and Gas Through Horizontal Pipe SPE 93 downloads
31. Lessons Learned From Refractured Wells: Using Data to Develop an Engineered Approach to Rejuvenation SPE 91 downloads
32. Understanding the Mechanism of Nanoparticles Applications in Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE 91 downloads
33. Nanopores and Apparent Permeability of Gas Flow in Mudrocks (Shales and Siltstone) PETSOC 91 downloads
34. A Practical Use of Shale Petrophysics for Stimulation Design Optimization: All Shale Plays Are Not Clones of the Barnett Shale SPE 91 downloads
35. Analysis of Stress-Field Variations Expected on Subsurface Faults and Discontinuities in the Vicinity of Hydraulic Fracturing SPE 88 downloads
36. Novel Applications of Nanoparticles for Future Enhanced Oil Recovery IPTC 88 downloads
37. Insights Into Mobilization of Shale Oil by Use of Microemulsion SPE 87 downloads
38. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Case History of a Multi Stage Hydraulic Fracturing Horizontal Well Tight-Gas Development in Oman SPE 82 downloads
39. Reservoir Flow Geometry from Primary Production: F-<italic>F</italic> Curves SPE 81 downloads
40. Analysis Of Pressure Buildup Data Distorted By Wellbore Storage In Highly Permeable Formations SPE 80 downloads
41. Improved Oil Recovery by Low-Salinity Waterflooding SPE 79 downloads
42. Integration of Pressure-Transient Data in Modeling Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan&mdash;A New Way To Characterize Fractured Reservoirs SPE 79 downloads
43. Fracture Gradient Prediction and Its Application in Oilfield Operations SPE 76 downloads
44. The Application and Misapplication of 100-Mesh Sand in Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Low-Permeability Reservoirs SPE 76 downloads
45. Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: An Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study - Refracturing SPE 76 downloads
46. Proactive Optimization of Intelligent-Well Production Using Stochastic Gradient-Based Algorithms SPE 76 downloads
47. EOR Screening Criteria Revisited - Part 1: Introduction to Screening Criteria and Enhanced Recovery Field Projects SPE 74 downloads
48. History Matching and Rate Forecasting in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs With an Approximate Analytical Solution to the Double-Porosity Model SPE 74 downloads
49. Tight Gas Sands SPE 74 downloads
50. The Role of Rock-Chip Removals and Cutting-Area Shapes in Polycrystalline-Diamond-Compact-Bit Design Optimization SPE 74 downloads