Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. Bit Optimization in Kuwait SPE 20581 downloads
2. Acid/Sour Gas Management in the Petroleum Industry SPE 5967 downloads
3. 4D Seismic Modelling of the Statfjord Field: Initial Results SPE 3160 downloads
4. New Drilling Campaign, New Technologies, Ten Years Without Drilling, Performance Improved in La Ceiba SPE 672 downloads
5. Treatment of Condensate and Water Blocks in Hydraulic Fractured Shale Gas-Condensate Reservoirs SPE 525 downloads
6. A Comprehensive Model for Simulation of Gas Transport in Shale Formation with Complex Hydraulic Fracture Geometry SPE 334 downloads
7. A Semianalytical Model for Production Simulation From Nonplanar Hydraulic-Fracture Geometry in Tight Oil Reservoirs SPE 225 downloads
8. Advanced Modeling of Interwell Fracturing Interference: an Eagle Ford Shale Oil Study SPE 213 downloads
9. Simulation Study of Zipper Fracturing Using an Unconventional Fracture Model SPE 194 downloads
10. The Impact of Microemulsion Viscosity on Oil Recovery SPE 179 downloads
11. Hole Cleaning in Full-Scale Inclined Wellbores SPE 173 downloads
12. Reservoir Flow Geometry from Primary Production: F-<italic>F</italic> Curves SPE 159 downloads
13. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 152 downloads
14. The Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 139 downloads
15. Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles SPE 138 downloads
16. Water Control Diagnostic Plots SPE 130 downloads
17. Experimental Study of Cuttings Transport in Directional Wells SPE 125 downloads
18. Alternative Lost Circulation Material for Depleted Reservoirs OTC 124 downloads
19. Improving Hydrocarbon Recovery of Horizontal Shale Wells Through Refracturing SPE 121 downloads
20. Hydraulic Fracturing 101: What Every Representative, Environmentalist, Regulator, Reporter, Investor, University Researcher, Neighbor and Engineer Should Know About Estimating Frac Risk and Improving Frac Performance in Unconventional Gas and Oil Wells SPE 114 downloads
21. Gas Permeability of Shale SPE 111 downloads
22. Capillary Behavior in Porous Solids SPE 106 downloads
23. Inflow Performance Relationship for Unconventional Reservoirs (Transient IPR) SPE 103 downloads
24. Heavy Components Control Reservoir Fluid Behavior SPE 101 downloads
25. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 97 downloads
26. Effect of Fracture Compressibility on Gas-in-Place Calculations of Stress-Sensitive Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 96 downloads
27. OPEC and Unconventional Resources SPE 93 downloads
28. Offshore Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery OTC 93 downloads
29. Maximizing Well Deliverability in the Eagle Ford Shale Through Flowback Operations SPE 92 downloads
30. The Full Montney - A Critical Review of Well Performance by Production Analysis of Over 2,000 Montney Multi-Stage Fractured Horizontal Gas Wells SPE 90 downloads
31. Analysis of Decline Curves SPE 90 downloads
32. Production Analysis Using Rate Transient Analysis SPE 89 downloads
33. Wettability Literature Survey- Part 2: Wettability Measurement SPE 89 downloads
34. Steady Flow of Gas-oil-water Mixtures through Unconsolidated Sands SPE 89 downloads
35. Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracking WPC 89 downloads
36. The Application Of Fibre Optics To Subsea System SUT 89 downloads
37. Understanding the Mechanism of Nanoparticles Applications in Enhanced Oil Recovery SPE 88 downloads
38. Environmental Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing SPE 88 downloads
39. Unique Hybrid Drill Bit with Novel PDC Cutters Improves Performance in Ultra-Deepwater Brazil Pre-Salt Application OTC 87 downloads
40. A Material Balance Equation for Stress-Sensitive Shale Gas Reservoirs Considering the Contribution of Free, Adsorbed and Dissolved Gas SPE 87 downloads
41. New Approach on Drilling Fluids Technology to Improve Drilling Performance OTC 86 downloads
42. Selection of Artificial Lift SPE 86 downloads
43. Decline Curve Analysis Using Type Curves SPE 84 downloads
44. Stochastic Modeling of a Fracture Network in a Hydraulically Fractured Shale-Gas Reservoir SPE 83 downloads
45. Unconventional Resources SPE 82 downloads
46. An Empirical Extended Exponential Decline Curve for Shale Reservoirs SPE 81 downloads
47. Foams with Wettability-Altering Capabilities for Oil-Wet Carbonates: A Synergistic Approach SPE 80 downloads
48. Laboratory Investigation of Shale Permeability SPE 80 downloads
49. Tight Gas Sands SPE 79 downloads
50. Fractured-Reservoir Modeling and Interpretation SPE 79 downloads