Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. From the Laboratory to the Field: Successful Multistage Horizontal Fracturing Design and Implementation in Tight Sandstones in the Anadarko Basin SPE 414 downloads
2. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 347 downloads
3. A Multi-stage Linear Solution Method for Implicit Compositional Simulation SPE 288 downloads
4. Characterizing the Stimulated Reservoir With a Hydraulic Deformation Index Using Tiltmeter-Based Surface Microdeformation SPE 277 downloads
5. History Matching and Rate Forecasting in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs Using an Approximate Analytical Solution to the Double Porosity Model SPE 263 downloads
6. Understanding Shale Gas Flow Behavior Using Numerical Simulation SPE 260 downloads
7. Calculation of Worst-Case Discharge (WCD) SPE 255 downloads
8. What is More Important for Proppant Transport, Viscosity or Elasticity? SPE 254 downloads
9. Generation of Hybrid Grids for Simulation of Complex, Unstructured Reservoirs by a Simulator with MPFA SPE 229 downloads
10. Evaluation of a More Environmentally Sensitive Approach to Microbiological Control Programs for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in the Marcellus Shale Using a Nitrate-Reducing Bacteria and Nitrate-Based Treatment System SPE 218 downloads
11. Difference in Behavior of the Waterflood Mechanism in Two Typical Areas of a Fractured Carbonate Reservoir, McElroy Field SPE 196 downloads
12. The Morphology Of Dispersed Clay In Sandstone Reservoirs And Its Effect On Sandstone Shaliness, Pore Space And Fluid Flow Properties SPE 191 downloads
13. Development of a Four-Phase Chemical-Gas Model in an IMPEC Reservoir Simulator SPE 179 downloads
14. Selection of Artificial Lift SPE 164 downloads
15. Analysis of Decline Curves SPE 156 downloads
16. Refracturing on Horizontal Wells in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas - One Operator’s Perspective SPE 156 downloads
17. Application of General Material Balance on Gas Condensate Reservoirs GIIP Estimation SPE 148 downloads
18. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 146 downloads
19. Can We Engineer Better Multistage Horizontal Completions? Evidence of the Importance of Near-Wellbore Fracture Geometry From Theory, Lab and Field Experiments SPE 144 downloads
20. Challenging Assumptions About Fracture Stimulation Placement Effectiveness Using Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing Diagnostics: Diversion, Stage Isolation and Overflushing SPE 137 downloads
21. A Practical Use of Shale Petrophysics for Stimulation Design Optimization: All Shale Plays Are Not Clones of the Barnett Shale SPE 134 downloads
22. Drilling Modeling and Simulation: Current State and Future Goals SPE 133 downloads
23. Overview of Existing Proppant Technologies and Challenges SPE 131 downloads
24. Well Test Analysis of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 130 downloads
25. Drillstring Analysis With a Discrete Torque/Drag Model SPE 130 downloads
26. A State-of-the-Art Review To Develop Injection-Water-Chemistry Requirement Guidelines for IOR/EOR Projects SPE 125 downloads
27. Recommendations and Comparisons for Selecting Artificial-Lift Methods(includes associated papers 28645 and 29092 ) SPE 123 downloads
28. Re-Fracturing in Eagle Ford and Bakken to Increase Reserves and Generate Incremental NPV: Field Study SPE 122 downloads
29. A Unified Model of Matrix Permeability in Shale Gas Formations SPE 121 downloads
30. Recent Advances in Surfactant EOR SPE 119 downloads
31. The Human Factor: Process Safety and Culture SPE 119 downloads
32. Case History Using ESP SPE 115 downloads
33. Determination Of Fissure Volume And Block Size In Fractured Reservoirs By Type-Curve Analysis SPE 114 downloads
34. High-Resolution 3D Structural Geomechanics Modeling for Hydraulic Fracturing SPE 108 downloads
35. Productivity of Perforated Completions in Formations With or Without Damage SPE 104 downloads
36. Application of Extended Finite ElementMethod To Simulate Hydraulic Fracture Propagation From OrientedPerforations SPE 103 downloads
37. Decline Curve Analysis Using Type Curves SPE 101 downloads
38. Do Data Mining Methods Matter?: A Wolfcamp Shale Case Study SPE 100 downloads
39. Decline-curve Analysis SPE 99 downloads
40. Material-Balance Method for Dual-Porosity Reservoirs With Recovery Curves To Model the Matrix/Fracture Transfer SPE 99 downloads
41. Geomechanics Coupling Simulation of Fracture Closure and Its Influence on Gas Production in Shale Gas Reservoirs SPE 98 downloads
42. Economic Optimization of Horizontal-Well Completions in Unconventional Reservoirs SPE 98 downloads
43. An Approximate Solution Of Linear Flow In Naturally Fractured Reservoirs PETSOC 98 downloads
44. A New Approach To Estimate Invasion Radius of Water-Based-Drilling-Fluid Filtrate To Evaluate Formation Damage Caused by Overbalanced Drilling SPE 96 downloads
45. Finite-Element Studies of Hoop-Stress Enhancement for Wellbore Strengthening SPE 95 downloads
46. Driving Rig Performance through Real-Time Data Analysis, Benchmarking, Dashboards and Developed Key Performance Indicators SPE 92 downloads
47. Bridging the Gap Between Deterministic and Probabilistic Uncertainty Quantification Using Advanced Proxy Based Methods SPE 91 downloads
48. Use of a CO2-Hybrid Fracturing Design to Enhance Production from Unpropped Fracture Networks SPE 90 downloads
49. The Digital Oil Field Hype Curve: A Current Assessment the Oil and Gas Industry's Digital Oil Field Program SPE 90 downloads
50. Drilling Hydraulics Optimization Using Neural Networks SPE 90 downloads