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  Static and Dynamic Comparison of Equation of State Solid Model and PC-...
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  S7000: A New Horizon
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  Avoiding Flowline Plugging: A Deposition Velocity Model and Stability ...
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  Production Optimization in Heavy Oil Recovery Processes
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  Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology
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  Stabilizing CO2 Foam by Use of Nanoparticles
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  Comprehensive Modeling of Scale Deposition Using a Coupled Geochemical...
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  Analysis of Decline Curves
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  Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Nanoparticles
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  A Theory for Relative Permeability of Unconventional Rocks With Dual-W...
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  Can Network Modeling Predict Two-Phase Flow Functions?
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  Multiphase Rate-Transient Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs: Theor...
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  Shale Fracturing Characterization and Optimization by Using Anisotropi...
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  How Blowout Preventers Work
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  What Is Stimulated Reservoir Volume?
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  The Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
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  A Semianalytical Methodology To Diagnose the Locations of Underperform...
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  A Comprehensive Review of Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flooding
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  Effect of Pore-Size Distribution on Phase Transition of Hydrocarbon Mi...
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  A New Approach for Selecting Sand-Control Technique in Horizontal Open...
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  Modeling Asphaltene Deposition in the Wellbore During Gas Lift Process
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  Carbonate Reservoir Rock Typing - The Link between Geology and SCAL
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  Influence of Wettability on Residual Gas Trapping and Enhanced Oil Rec...
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  Improving Oil Recovery by Use of Carbon Dioxide in the Bakken Unconven...
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  Well trajectory effect on slug flow development
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  Experimental Laboratory Setup for Visualization and Quantification of ...
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  Fracture Gradient Prediction and Its Application in Oilfield Operation...
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  A New Probabilistic Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in Well Pe...
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  Design Process of Inflow Control Technologies - From Inception to Appl...
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  Simulations of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
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  Gas Permeability of Shale
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  Adsorption-Enhanced Transport of Hydrocarbons in Organic Nanopores
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  Selection of Artificial Lift
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  Macroscale Young’s Moduli of Shale Based on Nanoindentations
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  Enhanced Reservoir Description: Using Core and Log Data to Identify Hy...
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  EOR Screening Criteria Revisited - Part 1: Introduction to Screening C...
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  Risk-Based Surveillance Planning: A Practical Value-of-Information App...
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  Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
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  From Oil-Prone Source Rock to Gas-Producing Shale Reservoir - Geologic...
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  Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing
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  3D Geomechanical Modeling of Salt-Creep Behavior on Wellbore Casing fo...
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  Structural-Casing/Soil Interaction Effects on Wellhead Motion
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  Investigation of produced oil-water emulsions and sensitivities to she...
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  Decline Curve Analysis Using Type Curves
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  Reservoir Modeling in Shale-Gas Reservoirs
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  Discrete-Fracture Modeling of Complex Hydraulic-Fracture Geometries in...
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  The Application of the Laplace Transformation to Flow Problems in Rese...
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  Stability of Borehole with Breakouts – An Experimental and Numer...
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  Mechanism of Fluid Displacement in Sands
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  Gas Lift - Past & Future
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