Top 50 most downloaded articles

1. Technical Report: Guidance for Decision Quality for Multicompany Upstream Projects SPE 463 downloads
2. Propagation of Emulsified Acids in Vuggy Dolomitic Rocks SPE 391 downloads
3. Selection of Artificial Lift SPE 264 downloads
4. Displacement Efficiency for Low Salinity Polymer Flooding Including Wettability Alteration SPE 241 downloads
5. Analysis of Decline Curves SPE 227 downloads
6. How Much Polymer Should Be Injected During a Polymer Flood? SPE 214 downloads
7. Predicting the Performance of the Acid-Stimulation Treatments in Carbonate Reservoirs With Nondestructive Tracer Tests SPE 181 downloads
8. The Behavior of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs SPE 172 downloads
9. Capillary Desaturation Curve Fundamentals SPE 167 downloads
10. S7000: A New Horizon OTC 158 downloads
11. Adsorption in Chemical Floods with Ammonia as the Alkali SPE 154 downloads
12. Application of Nanofluids for Improving Oil Mobility in Heavy Oil and Extra-Heavy Oil: A Field Test SPE 154 downloads
13. Introducing a Novel Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology SPE 153 downloads
14. Core Flood Study of a New Emulsified Acid with Reservoir Cores SPE 142 downloads
15. The Myths of Waterfloods, EOR Floods and How to Optimize Real Injection Schemes SPE 139 downloads
16. Creating More-Representative Type Wells SPE 139 downloads
17. Integrated Petrophysical Model, C4 and C5 Reservoirs, VLA-6/9/21 Area, Block 1, Lagomar, Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela SPE 137 downloads
18. Use of Partitioning Tracers to Estimate Oil Saturation Distribution in Heterogeneous Reservoirs SPE 135 downloads
19. Experimental and Numerical Studies of CO<sub>2</sub> EOR in Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs with Complex Fracture Networks SPE 134 downloads
20. Results of ASP Pilot in Mangala Field: A Success Story SPE 132 downloads
21. Decline Curve Analysis Using Type Curves SPE 131 downloads
22. Recent Advancements in Far-Field Proppant Detection SPE 130 downloads
23. Linking Low Salinity EOR Effects in Sandstone to pH, Mineral Properties and Water Composition SPE 129 downloads
24. A Critical Review of Water Chemistry Alteration Technologies to Develop Novel Water Treatment Schemes for SmartWater Flooding in Carbonate Reservoirs SPE 128 downloads
25. A Holistic Approach to Sand Control SPE 127 downloads
26. Proper Simulation of Chemical EOR (CEOR) Pilots - A Real Case Study SPE 125 downloads
27. Adsorption of EOR Chemicals Under Laboratory and Reservoir Conditions, Part III: Chemical Treatment Methods SPE 124 downloads
28. Waterflood Sweep Improvement at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska SPE 122 downloads
29. Single Well Tracer Test Results in a High Temperature, High Salinity Offshore Carbonate Reservoir for Chemical EOR Pilot Evaluation SPE 122 downloads
30. Status of Polymer-Flooding Technology SPE 122 downloads
31. Overview of CO2 Injection and WAG Sensitivity in SACROC SPE 122 downloads
32. Toward 70% Recovery Factor: Knowledge of Reservoir Characteristics and IOR/EOR Methods from Global Analogs SPE 121 downloads
33. Evaluation of Innovative Associative Polymers for Low Concentration Polymer Flooding SPE 121 downloads
34. Designing and Injecting a Chemical Formulation for a Successful Off-Shore Chemical EOR Pilot in a High-Temperature, High-Salinity, Low-Permeability Carbonate Field SPE 121 downloads
35. Modeling Dynamic Wettability Alteration Effect Based on Contact Angle SPE 120 downloads
36. EOR Screening Criteria Revisited - Part 1: Introduction to Screening Criteria and Enhanced Recovery Field Projects SPE 120 downloads
37. The Stability of Inclined and Fractured Wellbores SPE 119 downloads
38. Essentials of Upscaling Surfactants for EOR Field Projects SPE 116 downloads
39. Low Salinity Waterflooding: From Single Well Chemical Tracer Test Interpretation to Sector Model Forecast Scenarios SPE 116 downloads
40. Polymer-Enhanced Foams for Water Profile Control SPE 115 downloads
41. Altering Wettability in Bakken Shale by Surfactant Additives and Potential of Improving Oil Recovery During Injection of Completion Fluids SPE 114 downloads
42. Reduction of Residual Oil Saturation in Sandstone Cores using Viscoelastic Polymers SPE 114 downloads
43. Investigation of Surfactant Induced Wettability Alteration in Wolfcamp Shale for Hydraulic Fracturing and EOR Applications SPE 114 downloads
44. Low Salinity Flooding Trial at West Salym Field SPE 114 downloads
45. The Thermal Stability of Polyacrylamides in EOR Applications SPE 113 downloads
46. CO<sub>2</sub> Foam Pilot in Salt Creek Field, Natrona County, WY: Phase III: Analysis of Pilot Performance SPE 113 downloads
47. A Step Change in Drill Bit Technology with Self-Adjusting PDC Bits SPE 113 downloads
48. Permeability Reduction Due to use of Liquid Polymers and Development of Remediation Options SPE 113 downloads
49. A Microfluidic Investigation of the Synergistic Effect of Nanoparticles and Surfactants in Macro-Emulsion Based EOR SPE 112 downloads
50. Mechanics Of Hydraulic Fracturing SPE 112 downloads