A collection of ten Canadian-authored papers published on OnePetro from August 2018 to July 2019.

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Table of Contents

Eagle Ford Huff-and Puff Gas Injection Pilot: Comparison of Reservoir Simulation, Material Balance and Real Performance of the Pilot Well
Daniel Orozco, Alfonso Fragoso, Karthik Selvan, Roberto Aguilera
Empirical Links Between Sub-Surface Drivers and Engineering Levers for Hydraulic Fracture Treatments and the Implications for Well Performance
Ben Stephenson, Taixu Bai, Paul Huckabee, John Tolle, Ruijian Li, Jeff MacDonald, Luis Acosta
Standalone Sand Control Failure: Review of Slotted Liner, Wire Wrap Screen, and Premium Mesh Screen Failure Mechanism
Mahdi Mahmoudi, Morteza Roostaei, Vahidoddin Fattahpour, Colby Sutton, Brent Fermaniuk, Da Zhu, Heeseok Jung, Jiankuan Li, Chong Sun, Lu Gong, Shuo Shuang, Xiaoyong Qiu, Hongbo Zeng, Jing-Li Luo
The Role of Microemulsion and Shut-in on Well Performance: From Field Scale to Laboratory Scale
Taregh Soleiman Asl, Ali Habibi, Obinna Daniel Ezulike, Maryam Eghbalvala, Hassan Dehghanpour
Time Dependent Depletion of Parent Well and Impact on Well Spacing in the Wolfcamp Delaware Basic
Cyrille Defeu, Giselle Garcia Ferrer, Efe Ejofodomi, Dan Shan, Farhan Alimahomed
Application of Artificial Intelligence for Mechanistic Modeling and Probabilistic Forecasting of Hybrid Low Salinity Chemical Flooding
Cuong Dang, Long Nghiem, Eugene Fedutenko, Emre Gorucu, Chaodong Yang, Arash Mirzabozorg
Application of Multi-Functionalized Surfactant to Enhance Hydrocarbon Production in Tight Oil and Gas Formations Yields Successful Results
Harvey Quintero, Robert Hawkes, Mike Mattucci, Sebastian Sessarego, Bill O’Neil, Kewei Zhang
Use of Run-Life Measures in Estimating Artificial Lift System Reliability
Paul Skoczylas, Francisco Alhanati, John Sheldon, Francisco Trevisan