Searching by Paper Number

The Document ID can be entered in the main search field. It will return results for the paper, and also for papers that include the Document ID in citations.

Searching by Author Name

Use the Advanced search


Click on the Author tab, and enter the last name only.


Then click on the Add button, and then the Search button. 

The format of the first name can vary widely, so it is best to omit it, if possible.

If the last name returns too many results, enter the first initial of the first name without including a period. 

An example entry is Smith, G to find papers by Gina Smith, Glen Smith, Gary Smith, Gene Smith and so on. Y

You can further refine your results using additional search criteria.


Searching by Title

To specify that your keyword only appears in the title, use the syntax dc_title:“your keyword here”

For example, doing a search on the keywords “designer water” returns 33 search results. 

By using dc_title:“designer water” the results are narrowed to 3 papers with the keywords in the title.


Searching by Conference or Journal

Select from the Conference or Journal dropdown list on the Advanced Search.


Select the conference of Journal name from the list and select the "Add" button.


You can use the Advanced Search and enter multiple search criteria, such as company name, along with a conference name, and enter the year in the “published between” fields.

Conference names can vary slightly from year to year. If you are uncertain of the exact conference name to select from the Conference dropdown list on the Advanced Search, you can look it up by clicking on the Conferences tab at the top of the page. In the list of participating organizations, click on the society, and then click on the year to see a list of conference names.

An example of a search for Halliburton papers presented at the 2013 SPE Heavy Oil Conference Canada is below:


Searching by Content Type

To search by a specific content type, such as conference papers, journal papers, presentations, book chapters, or standards.

Create an initial search as in the examples above. 

When the search has returned results there will now be an additional "Filter your results:" element on the left side of the search results. 

The last item within this filters box is the “Type” dropdown menu. There you will find a list of the different types of content with the total of each type. Select the filter type to narrow search results.


Searching by Language

There is currently not a field to search by language, but if you search by the phrase “the pdf file of this paper is in Russian” you can see results for the Russian papers on OnePetro.
Russian papers have the same SPE paper number as their English version, but the filename suffix is -RU instead of -MS for the English version.

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