Registering your account on OnePetro allows you to create a more personalized experience on the site. 

With a OnePetro Account, you can:

Save Items for Future Viewing and Reading

This tool will help you retrieve previously saved items. Are there papers you are interested in but not quite sure you want to purchase today? Save them for later with a registered account.

Save Searches 

This tool will help you retrieve previously saved searches. Have you done a extensive search today and want it available tomorrow. Save the search with a registered account.

Rate Papers

This tool will help you rate papers so others will know how their paper is received. You can help others by providing your feedback on the technical quality of a content item you have reviewed.  

Access Previously Purchased Items

When you are a registered user, OnePetro will remember what you have purchased and provide you will perpetual access to those items.

View Details on Previous Purchases

When you are a registered user, OnePetro will remember what you have purchased. You will have access to your purchase receipts by choosing “Purchase history” within your account.

Redeem OnePetro Access Codes

As a registered user you have access to using Access Codes from offerings and events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I am IP validated with my company or university?
You should still register on OnePetro, to ensure you have access to all of the benefits mentioned above.

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