How do I log in to OnePetro?

SPE Members: Accessing your SPE member pricing on OnePetro

OnePetro is a separate website from the SPE website but we have now enabled the ability to use your SPE login to obtain SPE member pricing on OnePetro. There is no longer a need to keep track of multiple logins.

To ensure member pricing on OnePetro, members MUST use their current SPE login.  If you have forgotten your password, please visit the SPE website to reset it.

New Users:  New registration on OnePetro.

We are recommending that all visitors register on their first visit to the NEW OnePetro.org website.   Why?  Registered users will be able to rate papers, save searches, bookmark content of interest, and view purchased download history.

1.     Click on the “register to purchase instant access” link in the upper right hand corner of the OnePetro homepage.  While this says it is for instant access, it will also apply for all non-IP validated subscriptions.


2.     Simply enter your First and Last name, email address and a password to complete the basic registration on the site.

Note: you will need to accept the terms and conditions and use of cookies to successfully register.

What is My OnePetro?  

My OnePetro allows you to create a more personal user experience on the site. With a My OnePetro Account, you can now…

  • Save Items for Future Viewing and Reading
    If you would like to quickly find a paper on your return to OnePetro, just click on Save Item on the Product Detail Page which will add a weblink to your My OnePetro Account.  
  • Save Searches
    To easily find OnePetro searches you created, just click on the Save Search button that follows the search results data.
  • Request to Receive Email Alerts when NEW Content is Added
    To receive an email update when a new item has been added to OnePetro with the search criteria you have selected, just choose Saved Searches in your My OnePetro.  Then, click on the box next to Email Alerts.
  • View your Full Purchase History
    To quickly view everything you have purchased individually or through your limited OnePetro subscription, choose Purchase History under My OnePetro.
  • Redeem OnePetro Access Codes
    To redeem OnePetro Access Codes choose My Account under My OnePetro.
  • Change Password
    To change your password, just choose My Account and then under Change Password provide your current and new password. 

How do I change my password?

Login to your My OnePetro and then choose My account.  Under Change password provide your current and new password.


How do I validate my institution’s domain address so that I can use our subscription? 

Once you have registered and have a My OnePetro account, just click on My Account.

Next, click on Go under Domain Validation.  Then select Validate Me.  You will receive an email from OnePetro and will need to confirm receipt by clicking on a link.  The process is very quick and easy.  

My IP Address validation doesn’t seem to be working.

To receive IP address validation, your IP address must be one of the “approved” addresses provided by your institution.  Are you on a device that has access to your institution’s network?   If not, that may be why are not getting access to the subscription. You will know that you currently have access as you should see the message at the top of any OnePetro webpage "via and your institution's name."  The easiest way to obtain your IP address is to visit, whatismyip.com.  Ensure your IP address is one of the approved IP addresses with your institution’s subscription administrator.

I’m an ARMA member, how do I access OnePetro content?

Once you have registered and have a My OnePetro account, click on My account.

 Next, click on Add membership details under Society Memberships.

Finally, your email address will be in the email address field, just add your last name.   Then, click on Submit ARMA Details.

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