How do videos work on OnePetro?  

OnePetro now allows videos to be purchased and streamed on the site.  At this time, it is a small amount compared to the overall amount of articles delivered through OnePetro.  However, we do expect the numbers of videos delivered through OnePetro to grow over time. 

The videos are typically the PowerPoint presentations with audio provided by the authors of a paper.  Currently, all of the videos placed on OnePetro are available for viewing with a OnePetro subscription.  The videos can also be purchased individually. 

Video Icon:

You will know a content item is a video by the video icon found on both the search results page and content item detail page. 

Viewing a Video:

You can roll your mouse over the bottom of the video screen and a Video Control Bar will highlight.  Through the Video Control Bar, you can start and stop the video, increase the volume and make the video full screen.  

Purchasing Options:

Subscription purchase:

If you have a current subscription to OnePetro, you should be able to view the video from the content item page.  See the screenshot above.

Individual purchase:

If you do not have a current subscription to OnePetro you will be offered the "Add to cart" button. Once you have added your item(s) to the cart select the Cart to complete you order.  Once you have confirmed purchase of the item, you can view the video by either selecting the web link (URL) with in your purchase receipt or in your "Purchase history" found within "My account". See the screenshot below.

Exporting Citations:

Exporting citations can be done easily by selecting the "  Export citation" button located on every search results page and content description page. See screenshot below.

Save items:

Saving a video is easy using the "Save item" button. See screenshot below.

Download a Video:

Videos cannot be downloaded from OnePetro.

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