How do I Rate OnePetro Content?

Your colleagues need YOU. When you provide a technical rating on OnePetro content, you are helping others. Don’t forget to let them know what you think.  

Log in to OnePetro

Select a paper you would like to rate.  Scroll to the bottom of the description page to find the ratings.

Select the "Rate this article" button.

Pop out window will appear if your system allows pop-ups from OnePetro.

Rate the paper with 0-5 stars. Covering Technical, Readability, and Applicability/Insight.


Rating can be canceled by selecting the "Cancel" button. 

Select the "Done rating" button. This will reveal once you have started rating. 


The final rating on the paper is an average of all ratings. 

Your ratings can take up to an hour to be visible on OnePetro.

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