How can I change and/or reset my password?

1.Select Log in/Register. Do not log in to your OnePetro account.

2. Select "Forgot password"

3. Enter your email address and select the "Email password reset" button.

4. Open your email account.

You will receive an email notification with a "password reset" link.

Click the link. You will be directed back to OnePetro to edit/update your password.

The email will look similar to the screenshot below:


If you are an SPE member you will be redirected to the website to change your password.


Company or organizations often have securities such as Cisco in place to help protect employees from unwanted emails.  

These securities can sometimes interfere with resetting the password on OnePetro.

When using Cisco for email security resetting the password isn't immediate but it can be performed. 

Follow the instructions below:

The screenshot below shows the email received after resetting the password on OnePetro.

Cisco adds to the original OnePetro URL provided. 

The highlighted section is the original OnePetro URL.

Highlight this portion and copy/paste it into the browser window and click enter or when using Chrome right click and select paste and go.



The link starts with HTTPS:% and ends with the email address submitted.

If the email link still does not work correctly remove the coding within the link. Cisco has replaced key aspects of the URL with code.

For instance these are the code replacements that the user will need to remove and replace using a word or text type document.

%2F is a forward slash /

%3A is the colon :

%3D is the equals =

%3F is the question mark ?

%26 is the ampersand &

Here is the original full Cisco Link:

Here is the portion of Cisco's link just for OnePetro: 

Here is the link with the coding replaced:

The final URL should look like this: 

Multiple Attempts:

Use only the last email received, If multiple attempts have been submitted using the reset password on OnePetro.

Contact for personal assistance.

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