Why am I not getting SPE member pricing? 

SPE members must be logged in to OnePetro using their spe.org email address and password.  If you set up a My OnePetro account using another email address and password, you will need to set up a new My OnePetro account using your spe.org email address and password. 

What are OnePetro Access Codes? 

OnePetro Access Codes are much like coupons or gift certificates and will most often have been provided to you at an SPE Meeting or event so that you will have perpetual access to the proceedings through OnePetro.   You may have also received an Access Code from one of OnePetro's contributing societies to provide a particular type of access (which could have certain time limits and/or provides access to certain types of content.)  An Access Code is typically a string of 12 letters and/or numbers and typically can be redeemed only one time.

I have been given an OnePetro Access Code.  How do I use it? 

To begin, you will need to log in to OnePetro.  Next, click on My account within My OnePetro.

Click on Redeem code under the Access codes heading as shown below.

Next, you will need to provide your access code on the following page.  Once you have entered everything correctly, you will receive a message that your code has been redeemed . At that time, you can return to the OnePetro homepage and begin your use of your Access code immediately.

Is OnePetro’s shopping cart secure? 

Yes!   OnePetro shopping cart is handled using a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider. 

I thought I would see all of the papers I downloaded in my purchase history.  I don’t see anything. 

If you are downloading content with an unlimited subscription, My OnePetro will not keep your purchase history. 

If you purchased items through an individual subscription  or limited download subscription, you should see a full history.   If not, you should reach out to the OnePetro customer service team at service@onepetro.org

What currencies and credit cards are accepted on OnePetro?

OnePetro now accepts United States Dollars (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Euro (EUR.) using VISA, MasterCard or American Express.

Why are items priced differently? 

Every OnePetro publishing partner makes the decision as to the pricing of their content.  For an overview of pricing, visit Publishers

Why does OnePetro want to charge me for an item when I have an unlimited subscription?

There are select documents such as NACE Standards that are not included in an OnePetro subscription due to the premium content contained.  If you are being charged for an item that you believe should be covered by your subscription please contact your corporate or institutional subscription administrator.

How do I get a copy of my receipt for a purchase I made through OnePetro?  

There is no need to request a receipt as all your purchase history should be within your My OnePetro account.   Just log in to OnePetro and then click on View purchase history within My OnePetro.   A PDF version of your receipt is available for printing.

Why don’t you just zip up my papers and email them to me?  Or allow me to zip them before download?

The size of pdf documents in OnePetro varies widely. While some are small, as authors take advantage of improving technology to include more color graphics, figures, and photos in their papers, file size is generally increasing. While there are exceptions, most companies limit email attachments to a size of 1MB or even less. Many papers in OnePetro exceed this file size, so emailing papers is not practical. PDF is a pretty efficient file format, such that "zipping" them makes little difference in the file size (often 5% or less reduction in file size). So "zipping" will not reduce the file size enough to make email delivery practical. For now, OnePetro does not have a mechanism that would allow you to zip numerous papers into a single document before download (not to reduce size, just to reduce the number of downloads). We know that there is customer interest in this option and we will continue to investigate whether this is something that could potentially be offered in the future. But it is not clear whether this will be feasible.

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