SPE Journal

Vol. 25 // No. 5          October 2020 

Spotlight on Drilling and Completions

SPE-201230-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Estimation of Mud Losses during the Removal of Drill Cuttings in Oil Drilling

A. Jinasena and R. Sharma


Hole Cleaning in Horizontal Wells Using Viscoelastic Fluids: An Experimental Study of Drilling-Fluid Properties on the Bed-Erosion Dynamics

M. M. Hirpa and E. Kuru

               (Direct to Peer)
Look Ahead of the Bit While Drilling: Potential Impacts and Challenges of Acoustic Seismic While Drilling in the McMurray Formation

S. Nejadi, N. Kazemi, J. A. Curkan, J. Auriol, P. R. Durkin, S. M. Hubbard, K. A. Innanen, R. J. Shor, and I. D. Gates

SPE-201226-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Experimental Study on Critical Displacement for Drill-Conductor Injection during Deepwater Drilling

C. Kan, D. Gao, and J. Yang

SPE-201192-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Method and Mechanism of Regulating Rheological Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluid by High-Frequency and High-Voltage Alternating Current Electric Field

W. Huang, M. Lei, J. Wang, K. Lv, L. Jiang, H. Zhao, and W. Chen


Quantitative Analysis of the Effect of Perforation Interaction on Perforation Stability Using the Finite Element Method

N. Araki and N. Morita

               (Direct to Peer)
Rock Deformation and Strain-Rate Characterization during Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments: Insights for Interpretation of Low-Frequency Distributed Acoustic-Sensing Signals

Y. Liu, K. Wu, G. Jin, and G. Moridis


Quantifying the Impact of 2D and 3D Fractures on Permeability in Wellbore Cement after Uniaxial Compressive Loading

X. Yang, E. Kuru, M. Gingras, S. Iremonger, J. Taylor, Z. Lin, and P. Chase


A New Cationic Polymer System That Improves Acid Diversion in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoirs

A. Sarmah, A. F. Ibrahim, H. Nasr-El-Din, and J. Jackson


Decision Criterion for Acid-Stimulation Method in Carbonate Reservoirs: Matrix Acidizing or Acid Fracturing?

M. Palharini Schwalbert, M. S. Aljawad, A. D. Hill, and D. Zhu


A Semianalytical Poroelastic Solution To Evaluate the Stability of a Borehole Drilled Through a Porous Medium Saturated with Two Immiscible Fluids

J. Gao, H. C. Lau, and J. Sun

SPE-199903-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Rheological Properties of Methane Hydrate Slurry in the Presence of Xanthan Gu
W. Fu, Z. Wang, B. Sun, J. Xu, L. Chen, and X. Wang


Collapse and Bending Analysis of Slotted Liners with Laboratory Tests and 3D FEM

X. Liu and N. Morita

SPE-201252-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Modeling Wormhole Propagation During Closed-Fracture-Acidizing Stimulation in Tight-Carbonate Formations

K. Aldhayee, M. T. Ali, and H. A. Nasr-El-Din

Geologic Aspects

SPE-202470-PA              (Direct to Peer; Includes Supporting Information)

Sequential Exploration: Valuation with Geological Dependencies and Uncertain Oil Prices

B. Jafarizadeh and R. Bratvold

SPE-201187-PA              (Direct to Peer; Open Access)

Evaluation of Mineralogy per Geological Layers by Approximate Bayesian Computation

V. Bruned, A. Cleynen, A. Mas, and S. Wlodarczyk

SPE-199086-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A New Object-Based Algorithm To Simulate Geometrical and Petrophysical Turbidite Channel Properties

V. Vargas Grajales, T. Pereira Pinto da Silva, A. Borges Barreto, and S. Pesco

SPE-201229-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A Classification-Based Surrogate-Assisted Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Production Optimization under Geological Uncertainty

M. Zhao, K. Zhang, G. Chen, X. Zhao, J. Yao, C. Yao, L. Zhang, and Y. Yang


Production and Facilities

SPE-201228-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A Novel Method for Diagnosis of Sucker-Rod Pumping Systems Based on the Polished-Rod Load Vibration in Vertical Wells

J. Yin, D. Sun, and Y. Yang


Removal of Residual Oil from Produced Water Using Magnetic Nanoparticles

J. Theurer, O. Ajagbe, J. Osorio, R. Elgaddafi, R. Ahmed, K. Walters, and B. Abbott

SPE-201096-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Leakage Prevention and Real-Time Internal Detection in Pipelines Using a Built-In Wireless Information and Communication Network

R. J. Cintra, T. de Oliveira, and M. P. Mintchev


Experimental Study and Modeling of Slug Dissipation in a Horizontal Enlarged Impacting Tee-Junction

M. Mohammadikharkeshi, R. Dabirian, R. S. Mohan, and O. Shoham


SPE-201198-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A Molecular Dynamics Study of Primary Production from Shale Organic Pores

F. Perez and D. Devegowda

SPE-201232-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Predicting Lithology-Controlled Stress Variations in the Woodford Shale from Well Log Data via Viscoplastic Relaxation

X. Ma and M. D. Zoback

SPE-202480-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Improved Analysis of Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Measurements in Organic-Rich Mudrocks Through Experimental Quantification of the Hydrocarbon/Kerogen Intermolecular-Interfacial-Relaxation Mechanism

S. Tandon and Z. Heidari


Data-Driven Prediction of Unconventional Shale-Reservoir Dynamics

H. Klie and H. Florez


A Stochastic Method to Estimate the Anisotropic Stress-Dependent Coal Permeability by Pore-Volume Distribution and Stress-Strain Measurements

S. S. Raza, V. Rudolph, T. Rufford, and Z. Chen

Reservoir Engineering

SPE-201099-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Investigation of Countercurrent Imbibition in Oil-Wet Tight Cores Using NMR Technology

J. Liu and J. J. Sheng


SPE-201117-PA              (Direct to Peer)
Experimental Investigation of Water Incompatibility and Rock/Fluid and Fluid/Fluid Interactions in the Absence and Presence of Scale Inhibitors

M. Mohammadi and S. Riahi

SPE-201223-PA              (Direct to Peer)

The Development of a Low-Shear Valve Suitable for Polymer Flooding

T. Husveg, M. Stokka, R. Husveg, and S. Jouenne

SPE-203823-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Nonlinear Double-Log Mixing Rule for Viscosity Calculation of Bitumen/Solvent Mixtures Applicable for Reservoir Simulation of Solvent-Based Recovery Processes

H. Nourozieh, E. Ranjbar, A. Kumar, K. Forrester, and M. Sadeghi


Microemulsion Formulations with Tunable Displacement Mechanisms for Heavy Oil Reservoirs

E. Abdelfatah, F. Wahid-Pedro, A. Melnic, C. Vandenberg, A. Luscombe, P. Berton, and S. L. Bryant


Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

SPE-201248-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A Quadruple-Porosity Model for Consistent Petrophysical Evaluation of Naturally Fractured Vuggy Reservoirs

M. S. I. Aboubacar and Z. Cai

SPE-200340-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Aqueous Solution of Ketone Solvent for Enhanced Water Imbibition in Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs

M. Wang, G. A. Abeykoon, F. J. Argüelles-Vivas, and R. Okuno


Modeling of Permeability and Strain Evolution in Chemical Creep Compaction Experiments with Fractured and Unfractured Chalk Cores Conducted at Reservoir Conditions

E. Kallesten, P. Ø. Andersen, D. Satishchandra Berawala, R. I. Korsnes, M. V. Madland, E. Omdal, and U. Zimmermann

SPE-201237-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Multiscale-Network Structure Inversion of Fractured Media Based on a Hierarchical-Parameterization and Data-Driven Evolutionary-Optimization Method

X. Ma, K. Zhang, C. Yao, L. Zhang, J. Wang, Y. Yang, and J. Yao

Machine Learning and Data Analytics


A Hybrid Approach for the Prediction of Relative Permeability Using Machine Learning of Experimental and Numerical Proxy SCAL Data

B. Zhao, R. Ratnakar, B. Dindoruk, and K. Mohanty

SPE-198954-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Incorporating Dynamic Production-Logging Data to the Permeability-Estimation Workflow Using Machine Learning

C. S. Guimarães, L. Schirmer, G. Schardong, A. B. Barreto Jr., and H. Lopes

SPE-202477-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Automated Well-Log Processing and Lithology Classification by Identifying Optimal Features Through Unsupervised and Supervised Machine-Learning Algorithms

H. Singh, Y. Seol, and E. M. Myshakin

SPE-201239-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Applying Reservoir-Engineering Methods to Well-Placement Optimization Algorithms for Improved Performance

Z. Alrashdi and K. D. Stephen


SPE-195685-PA              (SPE J., Vol. 24, No. 5, 1957–1981)
Wellbore-Stability Analysis by Integrating a Modified Hoek-Brown Failure Criterion With Dual-Porochemoelectroelastic Theory

C. Liu, Y. Han, H. Liu, and Y. N. Abousleiman
- Correction to Eq. A-4 on page 1975.

SPE-200488-PA              (SPE J., Vol. 25, No. 4, 1729–1744)
Low-Salinity Water, CO2, Alkaline, and Surfactant EOR Methods Applied to Heavy Oil in Sandstone Cores

H. N. Al-Saedi, R. E. Flori, S. K. Al-Jaberi, and W. Al-Bazzaz
- Addition of omitted reference corresponding to citation Seyyedsar et al. (2016) on page 1732.