How do I save items?

If you would like to quickly find a content item on your return to OnePetro, just click on Save Item on the Product Detail Page which will add a web link  to your My OnePetro Account.  

How do I set up an email alert so that I am informed when new content is added to OnePetro?  

To receive an email update when a new item has been added to OnePetro with the search criteria you have designed, just choose Saved searches found at the end of your search results data. 

Next, go to your My OnePetro account  and click on Saved searches within My OnePetro.  Then, click on the box next to Email Alerts.

Why are my ratings not showing up on OnePetro? 

Please provide the OnePetro system up to one hour to completely refresh.  

How often do you update your download counts?
The OnePetro system will refresh download counts every 24 hours.

I’m unable to add a content item to my cart.

As a user of OnePetro, you should either see a link that says Get PDF or one that says Add to Cart.  If you are on the content item detail page, and you do not see either, please let us know by emailing 

How do the new videos work onOnePetro?  

OnePetro now allows videos to be purchased and streamed on the site.  At this time, it is a small amount compared to the overall amount of articles delivered through OnePetro.  However, we do expect the numbers of videos delivered through OnePetro to grow over time. 

The videos are typically the PowerPoint presentations with audio provided by the authors of a paper.  Currently, all of the videos placed on OnePetro are available for viewing with a OnePetro subscription.  The videos can also be purchased individually. 

You will know a content item is a video by the video icon found on both the search results page and content item detail page.  

If you are accessing OnePetro through a subscription, you should be able to view the video from the content item page.  Otherwise, you will need to add the item to your Shopping Cart.  Once you have either confirmed purchased the item, you can view the video by either linking on the web link found on your purchase receipt and/or in your Purchase History found within My OnePetro.  

You can roll your mouse over the bottom of the video screen and a Video Control Bar will highlight.  Through the Video Control Bar, you can start and stop the video, increase the volume and make the video full screen.  

Are we allowed to compile a list of the papers we have purchased and place them on our intranet for our company to use?

No.  According to the terms of use for corporate OnePetro subscribers, an institution is not allowed to put full copies of SPE papers on internal shared drives without express permission from SPE.   You may post a link to the paper. 

Why are items priced differently? 

Each OnePetro publishing partner makes the decision as to the pricing of their content.  For an overview of pricing, visit Content Coverage.  

Why don't you just zip up my papers and email them to me? Or allow me to zip them before download?

The size of pdf documents in OnePetro varies widely. While some are small, as authors take advantage of improving technology to include more color graphics, figures, and photos in their papers, file size is generally increasing. While there are exceptions, most companies limit email attachments to a size of 1MB or even less. Many papers in OnePetro exceed this file size, so emailing papers is not practical. PDF is a pretty efficient file format, such that "zipping"them makes little difference in the file size (often 5% or less reduction infile size). So "zipping" will not reduce the file size enough to make email delivery practical. For now, OnePetro does not have a mechanism that would allow you to zip numerous papers into a single document before download (not to reduce size, just to reduce the number of downloads). We know that there is customer interest in this option and we will continue to investigate whether this is something that could potentially be offered in the future.

I am using Firefox as my browser and I’m having trouble with my PDF documents.

We recommend that if you are using Firefox as your browser choice that you fully download the paper to your device and then open with Adobe. 

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