2018 Outstanding Technical Editor Awards

Every year, SPE recognizes members who have made an exceptional effort to ensure the technical excellence of the Society’s peer-reviewed journals. For their contributions, the following individuals are recipients of the 2018 Outstanding Technical Editor Award for SPE Production & Operations:


Surendra Bateja, Consultant

John L. Bearden, Baker Hughes

Yiyan Chen, Schlumberger

Arya B. Christiawan, Schlumberger

Luud W. Dorrestijn, LEET

Niall Fleming, Equinor

Theodore C. Frankiewicz, Spec Services

Michael J. Fuller, Chevron

Jenn-Tai Liang, Texas A&M University

Sahil Malhotra, Chevron

Anand S. Nagoo, Nagoo & Associates

Simon W. Richards, Diales

Karthik Srinivasan, Schlumberger

Junjing Zhang, ConocoPhillips