SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering
Vol. 19, No. 2
May 2016

194               Table of Contents

195               Executive Summary
                      Gary Teletzke, Executive Editor, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering-Reservoir Engineering

Formation Evaluation 

196-204     176028
                    Multiscale Imaging of Fixed-Cutter-Drill-Bit-Generated Shale Cuttings
                    R. Rahmani, R. E. Ferrell Jr., and J. R. Smith

205-213     171417
                    A Novel Work Flow of Density-Log Normalization for Coalbed-Methane Wells: An Example From the Surat Basin in                     Australia
                    B. Ren, M. Zhang, Z. Cui, C. Li, Z. Xia, T. Gan and H. C. Lau

214-225     170896
                    Matrix Permittivity Measurements for Rock Powders
                    N. V. Seleznev, K. Fellah, J. Phillips, S. N. Zulkipli, and B. Fournie

226-238     170748
                    Lithofacies Classification of Thin-Layered Turbidite Reservoirs Through the Integration of Core Data and 
                    Dielectric-Dispersion Log Measurements
                    M. Pirrone, A. Battigelli, and L. Ruvo

Reservoir Modeling 

239-252     178918
                    Proactive Optimization of Intelligent-Well Production Using Stochastic Gradient-Based Algorithms
                    M. H. Sefat, K. M. Muradov, A. H. Elsheikh, and D. R. Davies

253-264     171444
                    Probabilistic Reservoir-Property Modeling Jointly Constrained by 3D-Seismic Data and Hydraulic-Unit Analysis
                    M. Emami Niri and D. E. Lumley

265-277      169105
                     Streamline-Based Transport Tomography With Distributed Water Arrival Times 
                     D. Kam and A. Datta-Gupta

278-293      170636
                     Integration of Cumulative-Distribution-Function Mapping With Principal-Component Analysis for the History                      Matching of Channelized Reservoirs
                     C. Chen, G. Gao, P. Gelderblom, and E. Jimenez

Heavy Oil 

294-304     179738
                    Swelling and Viscosity Reduction of Heavy Oil by CO2-Gas Foaming in Immiscible Condition
                    C. Or, K. Sasaki, Y. Sugai, M. Nakano, and M. Imai

305-315      174408
                     Development of a Thermal Wellbore Simulator With Focus on Improving Heat-Loss Calculations for 
                     Steam-Assisted-Gravity-Drainage Steam Injection
                     W. Xiong, M. Bahonar, and Z. Chen

Core Analysis 

316-330       171797
                      Intercept Method—A Novel Technique To Correct Steady-State Relative Permeability Data for Capillary End Effects
                      R. Gupta and D. R. Maloney

Sweep Improvement 

331-339       173749
                      Low-Salinity Chase Waterfloods Improve Performance of Cr(III)-Acetate Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide Gel in                       Fractured Cores
                      B. Brattekas, A. Graue, and R. S. Seright

Unconventional Resources 

340-349      179736
                     Appraising Unconventional Resources: How Many Wells To Drill and Where To Place Them?
                     B. J. A. Willigers, S. Begg, and R. B. Bratvold

350-355     168880
                    Effect of Fracture Characteristics on Behavior of Fractured Shale-Oil Reservoirs by Cyclic Gas Injection
                    T. Wan, J. J. Sheng, M. Y. Soliman, and Y. Zhang