SPE Journal

Vol. 25 // No. 3          June 2020

Flow Assurance

SPE-195586-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Characterizing the Rheology of Methane Hydrate Slurry in a Horizontal Water-Continuous System

B. Sun, W. Fu, Z. Wang, J. Xu, L. Chen, J. Wang, and J. Zhang

SPE-199367-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Experimental Investigation of Methane Hydrate Formation in the Carboxmethylcellulose (CMC) Aqueous Solution

W. Fu, Z. Wang, L. Chen, and B. Sun

SPE-199892-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Methodology for Breaking Up Nanoparticle-Stabilized Oil/Water Emulsion

C. Nunez, R. Dabirian, I. Gavrielatos, R. Mohan, and O. Shoham


A Continuous and Predictive Viscosity Model Coupled to a Microemulsion Equation of State

P. Khodaparast and R. T. Johns


Impact of Asphaltenes on Contact-Angle Variations and Surface Topography and Composition

R. R. Ratnakar, C. A. Mantilla, and B. Dindoruk


SPE-199875-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Effect of Particle Size and Surface Properties on the Sandbed Erosion with Water Flow in a Horizontal Pipe

M. M. Hirpa, S. K. Arnipally, M. Bizhani, E. Kuru, G. Gelves, and I. Al-Rafia



Subsurface Sludge Sequestration in Cyclic Steam Stimulated Heavy-Oil Reservoir in Liaohe Oil Field

L. Zhong, J. Liu, X. Yuan, C. Wang, L. Teng, S. Zhang, F. Wu, W. Shen, and C. Jiang


SPE-199353-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Heat-Transfer Characteristics of Subsea Pipelines Embedded in Multilayered Soils

D.-S. Park, M.-B. Shin, and Y.-K. Seo


SPE-199340-PA              (Direct to Peer)

A Tangent-Line Approach for Effective Density Used in Ideal Mixing Rule: Part I—Prediction of Density for Heavy-Oil/Bitumen Associated Systems

Z. Chen and D. Yang


SPE-199901-PA              (Direct to Peer)

High-Viscosity Liquid/Gas Flow Pattern Transitions in Upward Vertical Pipe Flow

E. Al-Safran, M. Ghasemi, and F. Al-Ruhaimani


Drilling and Completion

SPE-198897-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Investigation of the Combined Effects of Temperature and Large-Scale Tortuosity on Friction-Factor Profile in Straight Inclined Sections

E. Wiktorski, D. Sui, M. Khalifeh, and M. Khatibi

SPE-199362-PA              (Direct to Peer; Supporting Information included)

Water-Based Drilling Fluid Containing Bentonite/Poly(Sodium 4-Styrenesulfonate) Composite for Ultrahigh-Temperature Ultradeep Drilling and Its Field Performance

J. Liu, Z. Dai, K. Xu, Y. Yang, K. Lv, X. Huang, and J. Sun

SPE-199884-PA              (Direct to Peer)

An Integrated Experimental Method to Investigate Tool-Less Temporary-Plugging Multistage Acid Fracturing of Horizontal Well by Using Self-Degradable Diverters

L. Zhang, F. Zhou, J. Mou, W. Feng, Z. Li, and S. Zhang

SPE-199902-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Modeling of Dynamic Cuttings Transportation during Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells by Combining 2D CFD and 1D Discretization Approach

F. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Wang, S. Miska, and M. Yu


Using Machine Learning Methods To Identify Coal Pay Zones from Drilling and Logging-While-Drilling (LWD) Data

R. Zhong, R. L. Johnson Jr., and Z. Chen

SPE-199904-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Optimization and Characterization of Highly Stable Nanoemulsion for Effective Oil-Based Drilling Fluid Removal

R. Meng, C. Wang, and Z. Shen

SPE-200472-PA              (Direct to Peer)

New Insights into Carbonate Matrix Acidizing Treatments: A Mathematical and Experimental Study

M. T. Ali and H. A. Nasr-El-Din


Joint Optimization of Well Locations, Types, Drilling Order, and Controls Given a Set of Potential Drilling Paths

R. Lu and A. C. Reynolds

SPE-200486-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Parameter Prediction Method for Submarine Cuttings Piles in Offshore Drilling

B. Sun, Z. Zhang, Z. Wang, S. Pan, Z. Wang, and W. Chen

SPE-200487-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Optimal Synthesis, Characterization, and Performance Evaluation of High-Pressure High-Temperature Polymer-Based Drilling Fluid: The Effect of Viscoelasticity on Cutting Transport, Filtration Loss, and Lubricity

S. Gautam and C. Guria

Unconventional Resources


Effects of Entrained Hydrocarbon and Organic-Matter Components on Reservoir Quality of Organic-Rich Shales: Implications for “Sweet Spot” Identification and Enhanced-Oil-Recovery Applications in the Duvernay Formation (Canada)

A. Ghanizadeh, C. R. Clarkson, K. M. Clarke, Z. Yang, B. Rashidi, A. Vahedian, C. Song, C. DeBuhr, B. Haghshenas, O. H. Ardakani, H. Sanei, and D. P. Royer

SPE-195366-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Permeability and Porosity Evolution of Organic-Rich Shales from the Green River Formation as a Result of Maturation

T. W. Kim, C. M. Ross, K. M. Guan, A. K. Burnham, and A. R. Kovscek


Effect of Nanoscale Pore-Size Distribution on Fluid Phase Behavior of Gas-Improved Oil Recovery in Shale Reservoirs

S. Luo, J. L. Lutkenhaus, and H. Nasrabadi


Multiscale Modeling of Gas Transport in Shale Matrix: An Integrated Study of Molecular Dynamics and Rigid-Pore-Network Model

S. Wang, Q. Feng, F. Javadpour, M. Zha, and R. Cui

SPE-200476-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Uncertainty Quantification of an Explicitly Coupled Multiphysics Simulation of In-Situ Pyrolysis by Radio Frequency Heating in Oil Shale

T. Ramsay


SPE-198914-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Fully Coupled Modeling of Dynamic Loading of the Wellbore

M. Meng, S. Z. Miska, M. Yu, and E. M. Ozbayoglu

SPE-199348-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Semianalytical Model for Fault Slippage Resulting from Partial Pressurization

K. Liu, A. Dahi Taleghani, and D. Gao

SPE-199351-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Numerical Modeling of Fracture Propagation During Temporary-Plugging Fracturing

Y. Zou, X. Ma, and S. Zhang

SPE-200496-PA              (Direct to Peer)

Efficient Coupled Multiphase-Flow and Geomechanics Modeling of Well Performance and Stress Evolution in Shale-Gas Reservoirs Considering Dynamic Fracture Properties

L. Liu, Y. Liu, J. Yao, and Z. Huang


Grain- to Reservoir-Scale Modeling of Depletion-Induced Compaction and Implications on Production Rate

Z. Sun, H. Tang, D. N. Espinoza, M. T. Balhoff, and J. E. Killough