SPE Drilling & Completion -- June 2016
Vol. 31 // No. 2


83                   Table of Contents

84                  Executive Summary
Christoph Zerbst, SPE Drilling & Completion Executive Editor


85-94            170935
Characterizing, Designing, and Selecting Metal Mesh Screens for Standalone-Screen Applications
S. Mondal, C.-H. Wu, M. M. Sharma, R. A. Chanpura, M. Parlar, and J. A. Ayoub


95-105          174949
The Effect of Bit Type on Reactive Torque and Consequent Tool-Face-Control Anomalies
L. W. Ledgerwood III, R. W. Spencer, O. Matthews, J. A. R. Bomidi, J. A. Mendoza, and J. M. Hanson

106-118        170713
Continuous High-Frequency Measurements of the Drilling Process Provide New Insights Into Drilling-System Response and Transitions Between Vibration Modes
A. Bowler, R. Harmer, L. Logesparan, J. Sugiura, B. Jeffryes, and M. Ignova

119-133       170624
Stick/Slip Detection and Friction-Factor Testing With Surface-Based Torque and Tension Measurements
S. W. Lai, M. R. Bloom, M. J. Wood, A. Eddy, and T. L. Holt

134-144        181747
A Review on Fracture-Initiation and -Propagation Pressures for Lost Circulation and Wellbore Strengthening
Y. Feng, J. F. Jones, and K. E. Gray

145-158        178923
Theory-Based Review of Limitations With Static Gel Strength in Cement/Matrix Characterization
Z. Li, J. M. Vandenbossche, A. T. Iannacchione, J. C. Brigham, and B. G. Kutchko

159-165        173864
Study of Thermal Variations in Wells During Carbon Dioxide Injection
H. Lund, M. Torsæter, and S. T. Munkejord