Editorial Notes

SPE is proud to announce that SPE Journal and SPE Production & Operations are celebrating milestone years with their 25th and 35th volumes, respectively. In the first issues of 2020, SPE J editors recommend “Unlocking the Potential: Understanding the Psychological Factors That Influence Technology Adoption in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry” (SPE-198903-PA), while SPE PO offers an interesting grouping of papers on acid stimulation, among other topics. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering delves into the subjects of unconventional reservoir development, enhanced oil recovery, and petrophysics with their selection of high-quality peer-reviewed papers.

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering staff would like to thank outgoing executive editor Jesús Salazar, Marathon Oil, for his service to the journal and introduce the executive editor team for 2020.

First, we welcome back Jasper Ring, who is entering his third year as executive editor of SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering. He previously served as technical reviewer and associate editor for the journal and received A Peer Apart status in 2011 for reviewing 100 or more papers. Dr. Ring is Asset Manager for the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for Chevron Europe, Eurasia and Middle East E&P, and has held various positions in field development, reservoir management, and technology since joining Chevron in 1991. He holds BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from Texas A&M University.

We also welcome Turhan Yildiz, Red Rocks Engineering, to the SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering Editorial Board in his new position as executive editor for formation evaluation. Dr. Yildiz previously served as an associate editor for the journal.

As part of broader efforts to adopt scholarly publishing best practices and streamline our submission, peer-review, and production processes, author biographies will no longer be required for publication in SPE journal papers. This is a rolling change that initiated in November 2019, so in the coming months, readers will see a mix of papers published with and without biographies until the rollover is complete.

2018 SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering Impact Factor: 1.807