Editorial Notes

SPE is proud to announce that SPE Journal and SPE Production & Operations are celebrating milestone years with their 25th and 35th volumes, respectively. In the first issues of 2020, SPE J editors recommend “Unlocking the Potential: Understanding the Psychological Factors That Influence Technology Adoption in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry” (SPE-198903-PA), while SPE PO offers an interesting grouping of papers on acid stimulation, among other topics. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering delves into the subjects of unconventional reservoir development, enhanced oil recovery, and petrophysics with their selection of high-quality peer-reviewed papers.

As part of broader efforts to adopt scholarly publishing best practices and streamline our submission, peer-review, and production processes, author biographies will no longer be required for publication in SPE journal papers. This is a rolling change that initiated in November 2019, so in the coming months, readers will see a mix of papers published with and without biographies until the rollover is complete.

2018 SPE Production & Operations Impact Factor: 1.595