SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering
Vol. 19, No. 1
February 2016

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Quantitative Characterization of Controls on Production Response 

005-017 165322
Integration of Pressure-Transient Data in Modeling Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan—A New Way To Characterize Fractured Reservoirs
Y. Pan, M.-H. Hui, W. Narr, G. King, T. Tankersley, S. Jenkins, E. Flodin, P. Bateman, C. Laidlaw, and H. X. Vo

018-023 179719
A Quantitative Approach To Characterize Porosity Structure From Borehole Electrical Images and Its Application in a Carbonate Reservoir in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin
H.-c. Fu, C.-c. Zou, N. Li, C.-w. Xiao, C.-s. Zhang, X.-n. Wu, and R.-l. Liu

024-040 167177
Geologic Controls on Gas Production and Hydraulic-Fracturing Flowback in Tight Gas Sanstones of the Late Jurassic Monteith Formation, Deep Basin, Alberta, Canada
L. Zambrano, P. K. Pedersen, and R. Aguilera

041-053 170889
An Integrated Work Flow for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Thin, Silty Hydrocarbon-Reservoir Sequences
W.-C Chu and J. Steckhan

054-069 168761
Analysis of Stress-Field Variations Expected on Subsurface Faults and Discontinuities in the Vicinity of Hydraulic Fracturing
Q. Gao, Y. Cheng, E. Fathi, and S. Ameri

070-082 171031
History Matching and Rate Forecasting in Unconventional Oil Reservoirs Using With an Approximate Analytical Solution to the Double Porosity Model
B. Ogunyomi, T. W. Patzek, L. W. Lake, and C. S. Kabir

083-094 175436
Understanding Variable Well Performance in a Chalk Reservoir
S. Kabir, R. Haftbaradaran, R. Asghari, and J. Sastre

Improved Measurements 

095-107 170792
Improved Assessment of Interconnected Porosity in Multiple-Porosity Rocks by Use of Nanoparticle Contrast Agents and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Measurements
L. Chi, K. Cheng, and Z. Heidari

108-117 166309
Extradeep-Resistivity Application in Brazil Geosteering Operations Enables Successful Well Landing
R. M. Tilsley-Baker, Y. Antonov, S. Martakov, H.-M. Maurer, A. Mosin, M. V. Sviridov, K. S. Klein, M. Iverson, J. E. Barbosa, and G. Carneiro

Uncertainty and Unconventionals 

118-129 173247
Integrated Field-Scale Production and Economic Evaluation Under Subsurface Uncertainty for the Pattern-Driven Development of Unconventional Resources With Analytical Superposition
G. Gao, J. Vink, and F. O. Alpak

130-141 179720
Factors That Control Condensate Production From Shales: Surrogate Reservoir Models and Uncertainty Analysis
P. Panja and M. Deo

Heavy Oil, EOR, and Waterflood

142-162 169115
Mechanistic Modeling of Low-Salinity Waterflooding Through Coupling a Geochemical Package With a Compositional Reservoir Simulator
A. Kazemi Nia Korrani, G. R. Jerauld, and K. Sepehrnoori

163-180 170122
On the Use of Particle-Size-Distribution Data for Permeability Prediction
O. Babak and J. Resnick

181-191 179722
Analytical Solutions and Derivation of Relative Permeabilities for Water-Heavy Oil Displacement and Gas-Heavy Oil Gravity Drainage Under Non-Isothermal Conditions
F. Arguelles-Vivas and T. Babadagli