Executive Summary

James N. Collins, ConocoPhillips

Hello and welcome to the September 2011 issue of the SPE Projects, Facilities & Construction journal. The diversity of our journal continues to surprise me and I hope you will find several of the papers interesting. The papers included this month range from very specific chemical treatments to full-field-development planning.

The first two papers deal with the application of chemicals to resolve problems in production. Scale-Inhibitor Application in Northern Alberta: A Case History of an Ultrahigh-Temperature Scale-Inhibition Solution in Fire-Tube Heater Treaters illustrates the problems with fluid chemistry and how they can be affected by the process conditions. Field Application of Chelatants in the Handling of ASP-Flooding Produced Fluid identifies a possible solution for produced fluids from a chemical enhanced oil-recovery flood.

The next three papers are case studies that illustrate some of the problems that can occur during production.Environmental Impacts of NORM Disposal--With Emphasis on Discharges to Sea highlights the problems with disposal of naturally occurring radioactive materials. Water Hammer in Offloading Systems: Contribution of Detailed Modeling to Design and Safety provides reasons for the increase in pressure during offloading and the devastating effects. Commissioning and Operational History ofNkossa II LPG FSO provides insights into this very specialized operating unit.

Leveraging a Common Infrastructure to Support Qata's Rapid LNG Expansion is a field-development discussion design and construction of a fully integrated common infrastructure to support all of the joint-venture-owned LNG productions.

Thank you for taking the time to review these papers. Please email me at James.N.Collins@ConocoPhillips.com with any suggestions to improve our journal. Thank you very much for your continued support and participation in the PFC journal. I’m confident you’ll enjoy the September issue.