Executive Summary

Sally Thomas, ConocoPhillips

Happy New Year! Welcome to the March 2010 issue of SPE Projects, Facilities and Construction Journal. The six papers in this issue all are related to fluid flow or fluid description. I hope you find at least one new insight or idea for your use among them. Those of you who read my December note may recall that I set a goal of having a "focus" topic. I asked for more paper reviewers, and we have several new technical editors participating (more are always welcome). I asked for more PFC papers at SPE meetings; here, we will have to see the final programs for meetings in the second half of the year to determine progress.

Although I addressed goals in my last Executive Summary, the topic is still timely. This is the time of year that many companies (mine included) ask employees to set goals and objectives for the next 12 months. In essence, we are planning our work activities and priorities for the year. One of my goals is further personal technical development--learning new technical advances, new tools, and new skills. Some of the new tools are very handy. Effective telecommunications has transformed global working relationships within companies. During a regular monthly (Web-based) meeting with participants from Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, we had instant description of an issue at one location, and immediate suggestions of actions that had been effective at other sites. Data transfer from one end of the world to the other is just as fast. We are able to consult with experts thousands of kilometers away without having to experience jet lag. One downside to excellent telecommunications is that companies (or we ourselves) may expect us to be on call even during our personal time. Another of my goals is to maintain a good balance between my work and my personal lives. A further goal is active participation in SPE, and most of my SPE focus will be on this journal. I hope your thoughts about goals are productive.

I will again close with a request. The SPE peer-reviewed online journals provide high quality, focused information in a timely manner. They are taking advantage of the speed of electronic communications. Your presentations at regional or international SPE meetings are the primary source of papers considered for publication. Please continue to read--and write and present--papers for the projects, facilities and construction aspects of the oil business. Your knowledge and insights are critical to the continued success of our journal.