Can I download all of my items into one document?

No, not at this time.

Can I download all of my items into individual documents at the same time?

No, not at this time.

Can I zip my items before download?

The size of pdf documents in OnePetro varies widely. While some are small, as authors take advantage of improving technology to include more color graphics, figures, and photos in their papers, file size is generally increasing. While there are exceptions, most companies limit email attachments to a size of 1MB or even less. Many papers in OnePetro exceed this file size, so emailing papers is not practical. PDF is a pretty efficient file format, such that "zipping"them makes little difference in the file size (often 5% or less reduction infile size). So "zipping" will not reduce the file size enough to make email delivery practical. For now, OnePetro does not have a mechanism that would allow you to zip numerous papers into a single document before download (not to reduce size, just to reduce the number of downloads). We know that there is customer interest in this option and we will continue to investigate whether this is something that could potentially be offered in the future.

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