How do I validate my account to use my company’s subscription?

1. Select "My account"

2. Select "Account details" on the drop down menu.

3. Select the "Go" button under the heading Domain validation.

4a. Select the "Validate me" button.

4b. The button will change to "Sending request".

5. An email has now been sent to your company email account.

6. Check your email for the domain validation and follow the directions.

7a. You will receive an email confirmation once you have been validated.

7b. You will also receive a validation confirmation within a browser window pop up.

Domain validation troubleshooting covering the steps above:

1. You must be logged into OnePetro with your company's assigned email address to domain validate.

5. If you do not receive your domain validation email.

  1. Check your SPAM.
  2. Check with your IT support. 
    1. Ask your IT support to whitelist our emails.
    2. Ask them to whitelist our IP 
  3. Do not select "Validate me" more than once.
  4. Contact  or (972) 952-9323

6. You must have access to the company's assigned email address to domain validate.

  1. If you receive multiple validation emails click the link on the last email received.
  2. If you are unable to click the link, copy and paste it into your browser.


Why am I no longer domain validated? You are required to domain validate every 90 days. 

Can I domain validate my personal email address? No, only authorized company accounts set up with domain validation can validate.

What if I have a personal account and want to domain validate it? You would need to change your account email to match your company email address.

What if my company only sends out a spam report once a day? You can usually open the last SPAM report and request a new report to be generated. See the example below:

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