SPE Journal 

Vol. 21 // No. 6             December 2016

Pore-Scale Analysis and Modeling

1916–1929        179727         Influence of Wettability on Residual Gas Trapping and Enhanced Oil Recovery in Three-Phase
                                               Flow: A Pore-Scale Analysis by Use of Microcomputed Tomography
                                              S. Iglauer, T. Rahman, M. Sarmadivaleh, A. Al-Hinai, M. A. Fernø, and M. Lebedev

1930–1942        170973         Pore-Scale Joint Evaluation of Dielectric Permittivity and Electrical Resistivity for 
                                               Assessment of Hydrocarbon Saturation Using Numerical Simulations
                                              H. Chen and Z. Heidari 

1943–1959        181753         Pore-Scale Investigations on the Dynamics of Gravity-Driven Steam-Displacement Process 
                                               for Heavy-Oil Recovery and Development of Residual Oil Saturation: A 2D Visual Analysis
                                              F. J. Argüelles-Vivas and T. Babadagli 

1960–1969        175107         Adsorption-Enhanced Transport of Hydrocarbons in Organic Nanopores
                                              S. Riewchotisakul and I. Y. Akkutlu

1970–1980        178549         A Theory for Relative Permeability of Unconventional Rocks With Dual-Wettability Pore 
                                              M. R. Yassin, H. Dehghanpour, J. Woods, and Q. Lan

1981–1995        170894         Effect of Pore-Size Distribution on Phase Transition of Hydrocarbon Mixtures in Nanoporous 
                                              L. Wang, X. Yin, K. B. Neeves, and E. Ozkan 

Reservoir Characterization/Uncertainty Quantification

1996–2009        174774         The Use of Association-Rule Mining and High-Dimensional Visualization To Explore the
                                               Impact of Geological Features on Dynamic-Flow Behavior
                                              S. Suzuki, D. Stern, and T. Manzocchi

2010–2026        184388         The Projection-Pursuit Multivariate Transform for Improved Continuous Variable Modeling
                                              R. M. Barnett, J. G. Manchuk, and C. V. Deutsch

2027–2037        181764         Parallel Multilevel Monte Carlo for Two-Phase Flow and Transport in Random Heterogeneous 
                                               Porous Media With Sampling-Error and Discretization-Error Balancing
                                              F. Müller, P. Jenny, and D. W. Meyer

2038–2048        183651         A New Probabilistic Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in Well Performance of Shale 
                                               Gas Reservoirs
                                              W. Yu, X. Tan, L. Zuo, J-T. Liang, H. C. Liang, and S. Wang 

Multiscale Methods, Upscaling, and Model Reduction

2049–2061        173226         A Real-Field Multiscale Black-Oil Reservoir Simulator
                                              A. Kozlova, Z. Li, J. R. Natvig, S. Watanabe, Y. Zhou, K. Bratvedt, and S. H. Lee

2062–2078        173259         Parallel Multiscale Linear Solver for Highly Detailed Reservoir Models
                                              A. M. Manea, J. Sewall, and H. A. Tchelepi 

2079–2096        173265         A Multiscale Restriction-Smoothed Basis Method for Compressible Black-Oil Models
                                              O. Møyner and K-A. Lie

2097–2111         173248         A Dual-Grid Method for the Upscaling of Solid-Based Thermal Reactive Flow, With 
                                               Application to the In-Situ Conversion Process
                                              H. Li, J. C. Vink, and F. O. Alpak

2112–2127        173218         Adaptive Local-Global Multiscale Simulation of the In-Situ Conversion Process  
                                              F. O. Alpak and J. C. Vink 

2128–2140        181740         Hyper-Reduced-Order Models for Subsurface Flow Simulation
                                              S. Yoon, Z. M. Alghareeb, and J. R. Williams

2141–2154        173271         Fast Multiscale Reservoir Simulations With POD-DEIM Model Reduction
                                              Y. Yang, M. Ghasemi, E. Gildin, Y. Efendiev, and V. Calo 

History Matching and Optimization

2155–2174        175039         A Parallelized and Hybrid Data-Integration Algorithm for History Matching of Geologically 
                                               Complex Reservoirs
                                              G. Gao, J. C. Vink, C. Chen, F. O. Alpak, and K. Du

2175–2194        173213         A Physics-Based Data-Driven Numerical Model for Reservoir History Matching and Prediction 
                                               With a Field Application
                                              H. Zhao, Z. Kang, X. Zhang, H. Sun, L. Cao, and A. C. Reynolds 

2195–2207        173214         An Adaptive Ensemble Smoother With Multiple Data Assimilation for Assisted History 
                                              D. H. Le, A. A. Emerick, and A. C. Reynolds 

2208–2219        180929         Productivity-Index Optimization for Hydraulically Fractured Vertical Wells in a Circular 
                                               Reservoir: A Comparative Study With Analytical Solutions
                                              Y. Lu and K. P. Chen

Gridding and Discretization

2220–2237        169688         Making Field-Scale Chemical Enhanced-Oil-Recovery Simulations a Practical Reality With 
                                               Dynamic Gridding
                                              H. Hoteit and A. Chawathé

2238–2249        169075         A Methodological Analysis of the Mechanisms Associated With Steam/Solvent Coinjection 
                                               Processes Using Dynamic Gridding
                                              A. Perez-Perez, M. Mujica, I. Bogdanov, and J. Hy-Billiot

2250–2259        173281         Adaptive Mesh Optimization for Simulation of Immiscible Viscous Fingering
                                              P. Mostaghimi, F. Kamali, M. D. Jackson, A. H. Muggeridge, and C. C. Pain

2260–2275        177480         Grid-Sensitivity Analysis and Comparison Between Unstructured Perpendicular Bisector and 
                                               Structured Tartan/Local-Grid-Refinement Grids for Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells 
                                               in  Eagle Ford Formation With Complicated Natural Fractures
                                              J. Sun, D. Schechter, and C-K. Huang

Simplified Models and Analytical Solutions

2276–2288        173269         A Comprehensive Reservoir Simulator for Unconventional Reservoirs That Is Based on the 
                                               Fast Marching Method and Diffusive Time of Flight
                                              Y. Fujita, A. Datta-Gupta, and M. J. King

2289–2300        174880         Fracture Diagnosis in Multiple-Stage-Stimulated Horizontal Well by Temperature 
                                               Measurements With Fast Marching Method
                                              J. Cui, C. Yang, D. Zhu, and A. Datta-Gupta

2301–2307        183639         On the Buckley-Leverett Equation With Constant-Pressure Boundary Conditions
                                              T. E. Johansen, L. A. James, and X. Liu

2308–2316        184393         Analytical Solutions for Spontaneous Imbibition: Fractional-Flow Theory and Experimental 
                                              K. S. Schmid, N. Alyafei, S. Geiger, and M. J. Blunt

2317–2332        174192         Analytical Evaluation of Nanoparticle Application To Mitigate Fines Migration in Porous Media
                                              B. Yuan, R. Ghanbarnezhad Moghanloo, and D. Zheng