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Benefits of a Corporate Subscription:

For companies, a corporate subscription eliminates the need to reimburse expense reports for individual transactions. If your company is located in a country where individual transactions using a credit card are not feasible, corporate subscriptions offer the benefit of a single annual pre-payment.

Limited Package Subscription:

Subscribers pre-pay for a set number of items. Researchers will enjoy immediate online delivery of the full content item and your organization will save significantly compared to direct item purchase prices. Subscriptions are setup and renewed annually and subscribers have one year to use the pre-purchased items.

Unlimited Package Subscription:

The corporate unlimited subscription offers a simpler way for large and growing organizations to allow easy access to content on OnePetro. With this subscription, users can directly access the full content item they are looking for from the search results page. Subscriptions are set up and renewed annually and subscribers have one year to use the unlimited access. 

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