Secure Shopping Cart

OnePetro's shopping cart is handled using a validated  Level 1 PCI DSS Compliant Service Provider.   

Cart Features:


Helps verify that the address information supplied by a cardholder matches what the card-issuing bank has on file.

This means the cart will reject the transaction if:
  • Postal code does not match.
  • Postal code not verified.
  • Street address does not match.


Validates the verification number associated with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards.

This means the cart will reject the transaction if:
  • CVV does not match.
  • CVV is not provided.

Risk threshold
Helps detect fraudsters based on the velocity of transactions in a given timeframe.

Troubleshooting Cart Issues:

Cart clears when finalizing purchases:

  • Ensure the billing address and postal code match what is used with the payment card.
  • Clear cache and retry purchase. Cache can sometimes add back mistyped information.
  • Insufficient funds.

Postal code:

  • When the user does not have a postal code or zip code. Use a single - DASH in the postal code box.

Finalizing a Purchase Guide:

Log in to OnePetro.


Select "Cart":


1. Shopping Cart Tab:

Verify items are correctly listed in the cart. Note: The cart will only hold 20 items.

      1. If you need to remove items. Select the "Remove" button. 

      2. If you have more than one item in the cart a secondary link for the removal of "all items"                                                               will be displayed at the bottom of the page. 

      3. If you want to continue shopping; Select "No, I want to continue browsing" 

To Continue Select "Continue to checkout"


2. Billing Address Tab:

Note: All of the information below MUST match what is assigned to the payment card on the "4. Payment Tab".
      1. Select Currency (USD, CAD, GBP, or EURO)
      2. First Name
      3. Last Name
      4. Address
      5. Town/City
      6. Country
      7. County/state
      8. Postal Code/Zip (Use a DASH - if a postal code does not apply) 

To Continue Select " Continue" #9.


3. Confirmation Tab

Note: Confirm the content and charges are correct.

1. Confirm the correct content is being purchased. 

      Example: Is it an English language paper and it was supposed to be Russian language paper.

2. Confirm correct currency, tax, and pricing.

      a. Verify items in the cart are correctly priced. The total price is located at the bottom of the page and the top next                          to "My account".

      b. Pricing for individual items are to the right of each item.

Note: If an item is not correctly priced:

  • Access code: Activate the code for special pricing then then log out and log back in to see the pricing change.
  • Member pricing: Activate your member pricing by logging in and or activating your membership.
  • Subscription pricing you will need to remove the paper or papers from the cart and then go back to the individual page's content page to click "Get PDF". If you are under a company subscription you will need to Domain Validate or go to the nearest IP access to obtain access.


4. Payment Tab

Note: All of the information below MUST match what is assigned to the payment card on the "2. Billing Address Tab".

      1. Name of Card 
      2. Card Number 
      3. Security Code. See Card Verification Value (CVV). 
      4. Card Expiration Month. (If you receive an error fill in the year dropdown first)
      5. Card Expiration Year


Select the " Make Payment" button to finish the purchase.

Note: Be patient, at peak times the purchase could take longer than expected to finalize. DO NOT refresh the page as this could cause a duplicate charge.

Contact for personal assistance.

Access code 
Purchase history  
Currencies and credit cards 
Membership pricing 

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