SPE Production & Operations

Vol. 31 // No. 3       August 2016  


185–196        170583         A Pragmatic Approach To Understanding Liquid Loading in Gas Wells 
                                        M. F. Riza, A. R. Hasan, and C. S. Kabir

Improved Recovery

197–206        169168         Safety Considerations for High-Pressure Air Injection Into Light-Oil Reservoirs and 
                                         Performance  of the Holt Sand Unit Project
                                        M. R. Fassihi, R. G. Moore, S. A. Mehta, and M. G. Ursenbach

207–218        176016         Measurement and Correlation of Solubility and Physical Properties for Gas-Saturated 
                                         Athabasca  Bitumen
                                        H. Nourozieh, M. Kariznovi, and J. Abedi

219–227        168137         Investigation of the Conditions Required for Improved Oil Recovery by an Earthquake 
                                        T. Uetani, T. Matsuoka, and H. Honda

228–237        174350         Operational Challenges and Monitoring of a Polymer Pilot, Matzen Field, Austria
                                        M. Lüftenegger, R. Kadnar, C. Puls, and T. Clemens

Oilfield Chemistry

238–246        179737         Evidence of the Gelation Acceleration Mechanism of HPAM Gel With Ammonium Salt at 
                                        Ultralow  Temperature by SEM Study
                                        H. Jia and Q. Ren

247–257        172352         Use of Hydrochloric Acid To Remove Filter-Cake Damage From Preformed Particle Gel During 
                                        Conformance-Control Treatments
                                        A. Imqam, B. Bai, M. Wei, H. Elue, and F. A. Muhammed

258–269        169792         The Use of PPCA in Scale-Inhibitor Precipitation Squeezes: Solubility, Inhibition Efficiency, 
                                         and  Molecular-Weight Effects
                                        N. M. Farooqui and K. S. Sorbie

270–279        169765         Predicted and Observed Evolution of Produced-Brine Compositions and Implications for Scale 
                                        Y. Hu, E. Mackay, O. Ishkov, and A. Strachan