How do I add items to my cart?

Log in to OnePetro

Select a paper or article you want to purchase. There should be an orange button marked "Add to cart".

To the left of the "Add to cart" button will be the price for the selected paper.

The orange "Add to cart" button will change to green "In cart" button.
The top navigation bar will also display item(s) in your cart and the cost.

When you select the "Cart" from the navigation bar you will be directed to the checkout page.

Where should I see the "Add to cart" button?

The "Add to cart" button is available on numerous places within OnePetro.

  • Including the search page
  • The conference/journal selection
  • On the single content page.

I’m unable to add an item to my cart.

As a user of OnePetro, you should either see a link that says Get PDF or one that says Add to Cart.  If you are on the content item detail page, and you do not see either, please let us know by emailing 


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