What is an access code?

When redeemed on OnePetro, access codes provide you with permanent access to a conference proceedings or a collection of content on OnePetro. 

You will receive OnePetro access codes from a OnePetro publishing partner.  Most often they will be delivered to you either at a conference or in an email prior to attending an event.  OnePetro access codes are a string of 12 numbers and can only be redeemed once.

What are the benefits of using the access code?

You no longer have to worry about saving conference papers, keeping CDs on your shelf, or remembering whether or not you have access to a paper.

  • Once you redeem an access code, a permanent subscription to the collection will be added to your account.
  • This permanent subscription allows you to open, view or download the content as many times as you would like.
  • Access will never expire.

How do I redeem an access code?

Log in to OnePetro and select "My account".

Select "Account details"

Scroll down to the section "Access codes". Select the "Redeem code" button.

A new window will open. Insert your access code into the field provided.

Enter the confirmation text in the field provided. The above screenshot is only an example and not the actual confirmation.

If you entered the access code correctly you will receive a message that your code has been redeemed .  

You can return to the OnePetro homepage and begin your use of your Access code immediately. 

The proceedings will now show the "Get PDF" button instead of the "Add to cart" button.

For additional help in redeeming your access code contact service@onepetro.org

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