The Log Analyst

A journal of formation evaluation and reservoir description published between 1960-1999 by The Society of Professional Well Log Analysts.

Volume 32, Issue 03

May 1991

Norris, J.O., Amoco Production Company
Smith, M.L., Amoco Production Company
Sondergeld, C.H., Amoco Production Company
1991-V32N3A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Arditty, P.C., Elf Aquitaine
Falt, U., Elf Aquitaine
Mathieu, F., Elf Aquitaine
Staron, P., Elf Aquitaine
1991-V32N3A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Chemali, R., Halliburton Logging Services
Goetz, J.F., Halliburton Logging Services
Maute, R.E., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
Osborn, F.F., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
Su, S.M., Halliburton Logging Services
1991-V32N3A10 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Barber, T.D., Schlumberger
1991-V32N3A12 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Burns, D.R., Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
1991-V32N3A6 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Ostermeier, R.M., Shell Development Company
1991-V32N3A11 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Paillet, F.L., U.S. Geological Survey
1991-V32N3A7 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Fortin, J.P., Cgg
Rehbinder, N., Cgg
Staron, P., Elf Aquitaine
1991-V32N3A8 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
Schmitt, D.P., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
Williams, D.M., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
Zemanek, J., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
1991-V32N3A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991
White, J.E., Colorado School of Mines
1991-V32N3A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1991

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