The Log Analyst

A journal of formation evaluation and reservoir description published between 1960-1999 by The Society of Professional Well Log Analysts.

Volume 18, Issue 01

January 1977

Hoyer, W.A., Exxon Production Research Company
Milles, W.R., Mobil Research And Development Corporation
Tittman, J., Schlumberger Well Services
Wilson, B.F., Dresser Atlas Division, Dresser Industries, Inc.
1977-VXVIIIN1A1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1977
Smits, L.J.M.,
Lavers, B.A.,
1977-VXVIIIN1A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1977
Hamilton, Edwin L., Naval Undersea Center
1977-VXVIIIN1A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1977
Haanschoten, G.W., Shell Internationale Petroleum Maatschappij B.V.
1977-VXVIIIN1A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1977
Beck, A.E., University Of Western Ontario
1977-VXVIIIN1A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 1977

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