SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering


SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering covers a wide range of topics, including reservoir characterization, geology and geophysics, core analysis, well logging, well testing, reservoir management, EOR, fluid mechanics, performance prediction, and reservoir simulation.

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering is the successor publication to SPE Reservoir Engineering and SPE Formation Evaluation, which were combined.

Volume 5, Issue 05

Fine-Scale Simulation of Complex Water Encroachment in a Large Carbonate Reservoir in Saudi Arabia

Pavlas, Emmerick Joe Jr., Saudi Aramco
79718-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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Characterizing Disproportionate Permeability Reduction Using Synchrotron X-Ray Computed Microtomography

Seright, R.S., New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center
Liang, J., Idaho Natl. Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Lindquist, W. Brent, State U. of New York at Stony Brook
Dunsmuir, John H., ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.
79717-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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Reservoir Engineering Analysis of Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery

Bryant, Steven L., U. of Texas at Austin
Lockhart, Thomas P., EniTecnologie
79719-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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Multiple Controls on Petroleum Biodegradation and Impact on Oil Quality

Wenger, Lloyd M., ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
Davis, Cara L., ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
Isaksen, Gary H., ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.
80168-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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Processing and Interpretation of Long-Term Data Acquired From Permanent Pressure Gauges

Athichanagorn, Suwat, Stanford U.
Horne, Roland N., Stanford U.
Kikani, Jitendra, Chevron Petroleum Technology Co.
80287-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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A New Diagnostic Method for Prediction of Producibility and Reserves of Wells Producing From the Monterey Formation Using Well-Log Data

Wylie, Ursula M., U. of Southern California
Ershaghi, Iraj, U. of Southern California
Christensen, Karen, Venoco Inc.
80165-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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Enhanced Iterative Formation Evaluation of El Tordillo Field, San Jorge Basin, Argentina: Using Electrofacies and Production Prediction Index Determination

Stinco, L.P., Tecpetrol S.A.
Elphick, R.Y., Schlumberger Holditch-Reservoir Technologies
Moore, W.R., Schlumberger Holditch-Reservoir Technologies
79959-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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4D Seismic Monitoring of Water Influx at Bay Marchand: The Practical Use of 4D in an Imperfect World

Behrens, Ronald, ChevronTexaco E&P Technology Co.
Condon, Patrick, ChevronTexaco E&P Technology Co.
Haworth, William, ChevronTexaco North America Upstream
Bergeron, Mark, ChevronTexaco North America Upstream
Ecker, Christine, ChevronTexaco E&P Technology Co.
79961-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2002
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