SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering


SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering covers a wide range of topics, including reservoir characterization, geology and geophysics, core analysis, well logging, well testing, reservoir management, EOR, fluid mechanics, performance prediction, and reservoir simulation.

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering is the successor publication to SPE Reservoir Engineering and SPE Formation Evaluation, which were combined.

Volume 15, Issue 05

A Pilot Carbon Dioxide Test, Hall-Gurney Field, Kansas

Willhite, G. Paul, Universityof Kansas
Byrnes, Alan P., Chesapeake Energy Corp
Dubois, Martin K., Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery LLC
Pancake, Richard E., Murfin Drilling Company
Tsau, Jyun-Syung, University of Kansas
Daniels, James R., Murfin Drilling Company
Flanders, William,
153906-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Design Considerations of Waterflood Conformance Control With Temperature-Triggered, Low-Viscosity Submicron Polymer

Izgec, Omer, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Shook, G. Michael, Chevron Energy Technology Company
153898-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Residual Oil Saturation Determination for EOR Projects in Means Field, a Mature West Texas Carbonate Field

Pathak, Prabodh, ExxonMobil Production Company
Fitz, Dale, ExxonMobil Exploration Company
Babcock, Kenneth, ExxonMobil Production Company
Wachtman, Richard J., ExxonMobil Production Company
145229-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Geostatistical Population-Mixture Approach to Unconventional-Resource Assessment With an Application to the Woodford Gas Shale, Arkoma Basin, Eastern Oklahoma

Olea, Ricardo A., U.S. Geological Survey
Charpentier, Ronald R., U.S. Geological Survey
Cook, Troy A., U.S. Geological Survey
Houseknecht, David W., U.S. Geological Survey
Garrity, Christopher P., U.S. Geological Survey
163049-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Establishing Key Reservoir Parameters with Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing

Nojabaei, Bahareh, Pennsylvania State University
Kabir, Shah, Hess Corporation
153979-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Estimating Drainage-Area Pressure With Flow-After-Flow Testing

Kabir, Shah, Hess Corporation
Elgmati, Malek, Hess Corporation
Reza, Zulfiquar, Schlumberger
146049-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Definitive Petrophysical Evaluation of Thin Hydrocarbon Reservoir Sequences

Majid, Azlan A., Gaffney, Cline & Associates
Worthington, Paul F., Gaffney, Cline & Associates
163071-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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History Matching and Production Forecast With Logs as Effective Completion and Reservoir-Managing Tools in Horizontal and Vertical Wells

Haro, Carlos F., Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation
144774-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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