SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering


SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering covers a wide range of topics, including reservoir characterization, geology and geophysics, core analysis, well logging, well testing, reservoir management, EOR, fluid mechanics, performance prediction, and reservoir simulation.

SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering is the successor publication to SPE Reservoir Engineering and SPE Formation Evaluation, which were combined.

Volume 15, Issue 02

Reservoir Modeling: From RESCUE To RESQML

King, Michael J., Texas A&M University
Ballin, Paulo R., BP America
Bennis, Chakib, Institut Français du Pétrole
Heath, David E., Transform Software
Hiebert, Allan D., Computer Modelling Group
McKenzie, William, Chevron
Rainaud, Jean-Francois, Institut Français du Pétrole
Schey, Jana, Energistics
135280-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Equation-of-State Modeling for Reservoir-Fluid Samples Contaminated By Oil-Based Drilling Mud Using Contaminated-Fluid Pressure/Volume/Temperature Data

Sah, Pashupati, Calsep
Gurdial, Gurdev, Core Laboratories Malaysia
Pedersen, Karen, Calsep
Izwan Deraman, Hairul, Core Laboratories Malaysia
Ramli, Fadli, Core Laboratories Malaysia
133852-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Advanced Upscaling for Kashagan Reservoir Modeling

Panfili, Paola, Eni
Cominelli, Alberto, Eni
Calabrese, Marica, Eni
Albertini, Cristian, Eni
Savitsky, Alexey, Eni
Leoni, Greta, Eni
146508-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Numerical-Simulation Investigation of the Effect of Heavy-Oil Viscosity on the Performance of Hydrocarbon Additives in SAGD

Hosseininejad Mohebati, Moslem, University of Calgary
Maini, Brij B., University of Calgary
Harding, Thomas G., University of Calgary
138151-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Mechanics of Heavy-Oil and Bitumen Recovery by Hot Solvent Injection

Pathak, Varun, University of Alberta
Babadagli, Tayfun, University of Alberta
Edmunds, Neil, Laricina Energy
144546-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Effect of Alkalinity on Oil Recovery During Polymer Floods in Sandstone

Kazempour, Mahdi, University of Wyoming
Sundstrom, Eric A., University of Wyoming
Alvarado, Vladimir, University of Wyoming
141331-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Residual-Oil Recovery Through Injection of Biosurfactant, Chemical Surfactant, and Mixtures of Both Under Reservoir Temperatures: Induced-Wettability and Interfacial-Tension Effects

Al-Sulaimani, Hanaa, Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Wahaibi, Yahya, Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Bahry, Saif, Sultan Qaboos University
Elshafie, Abdulkadir, Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Bemani, Ali, Sultan Qaboos University
Joshi, Sanket, Shiraz University
158022-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Experimental Study of Foam Flow in Fractured Oil-Wet Limestone for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Haugen, Åsmund, University of Bergen
Fernø, Martin A., University of Bergen
Graue, Arne, University of Bergen
Bertin, Henri J., TREFLE ENSAM
129763-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Interwell Tracer Tests To Optimize Operating Conditions for a Surfactant Field Trial: Design, Evaluation, and Implications

Cheng, Hao, Chevron Pacific Indonesia
Shook, G. Michael, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Malik, Taimur, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Varadarajan, Dwarakanath, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Smith, Bruce R., Chevron Pacific Indonesia
144899-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Evaluation of Long-Term Gas-Hydrate-Production Testing Locations on the Alaska North Slope

Collett, Timothy S., US Geological Survey
Boswell, Ray, US Department of Energy
Lee, Myung W., US Geological Survey
Anderson, Brian J., West Virginia University
Rose, Kelly, US Department of Energy
Lewis, Kristen A., US Geological Survey
155504-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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