SPE Reservoir Engineering

SPE Reservoir Engineering was published from 1986-1997.  It was one of four discipline-related journals created from the dissolution of the  Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal.  It was merged with SPE Formation Evaluation to form SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering in 1998.  

Volume 9, Issue 03

August 1994

Falls, A.H., Shell Western E&P Inc.
Thigpen, D.R., Shell Development Co.
Nelson, R.C., Shell Development Co.
Ciaston, J.W., Shell Offshore Inc.
Lawson, J.B., Shell Development Co.
Good, P.A., Shell Oil Co.
Ueber, R.C., Shell Development Co.
Shahin, G.T., Shell Development Co.
24117-PA SPE Journal Paper - 1994
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