SPE Economics & Management

SPE Economics & Management  covers resource and reserve evaluation, portfolio/asset management, project valuation, uncertainty/risk assessment, benchmarking and performance indicators, information management, digital energy and petroleum economics. 

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An Evidence-Based Approach to Well-Integrity Risk Management

Loizzo, Matteo, Well Integrity Consultant
Bois, Axel-Pierre, CurisTec
Etcheverry, Pantxika, Vermilion Energy
Lunn, Matthew G., Vermilion Energy
170867-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Opening New Opportunities With Fast Reservoir-Performance Evaluation Under Uncertainty: Brugge Field Case Study

Rodríguez Torrado, Ruben, Repsol
Echeverría-Ciaurri, David, IBM
Mello, Ulisses, IBM
Embid Droz, Sonia, Repsol
166392-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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