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Evaluating the Value of Single-Point Data in Heterogeneous Reservoirs With the Expectation-Maximization Algorithm

Nakayasu, Masahiro, The University of Tokyo
Goda, Takashi, The University of Tokyo
Tanaka, Kei, The University of Tokyo
Sato, Kozo, The University of Tokyo
179721-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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Integrated Economic Model for Evaluation and Optimization of Cyclic-Steam-Stimulation Projects

Frenette, Craig T., Cenovus Energy
Saeedi, Majid, Saman Associates
Henke, Justin L., Sproule Associates
169859-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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Machine Learning as a Reliable Technology for Evaluating Time/Rate Performance of Unconventional Wells

Fulford, David S., Apache Corporation
Bowie, Braden, Apache Corporation
Berry, Michael E., Apache Corporation
Bowen, Bo, Apache Corporation
Turk, Derrick W., Terminus Data Science
174784-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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