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SPE Economics & Management covers resource and reserve evaluation, portfolio/asset management, project valuation, uncertainty/risk assessment, benchmarking and performance indicators, information management, digital energy and petroleum economics.


Volume 5, Issue 01

Water Use in Canada's Oil-Sands Industry: The Facts

Lunn, Stuart, Imperial Oil Resources
156676-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2013
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A Proposed Four-Factor Model for Assessing Probability of Capture of Unowned Resource Opportunities

Kenck, Anthony, Chevron
Wright, Mal, Chevron
Alvarez Lopez, Jaime, Chevron
Coulom, Steve, Chevron
Jonas, Todd, Chevron
Simon, Melina, Chevron
Temple, John, Chevron
Williams, Bennett, Chevron
Otzmann, Terri, Chevron
163137-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2013
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Toward an Automatic Metadata Management Framework for Smart Oil Fields

Chelmis, Charalampos, University of Southern California
Zhao, Jing, University of Southern California
Sorathia, Vikrambhai S., University of Southern California
Suchindra, Agarwal, University of Southern California
Prasanna, Viktor K., University of Southern California
153271-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2013
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Resource Evaluation for Shale Gas Reservoirs

Dong, Zhenzhen, Texas A&M University
Holditch, Stephen, Texas A&M University
McVay, Duane, Texas A&M University
152066-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2013
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