SPE Drilling & Completion


SPE Drilling & Completion features papers covering horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions, and drilling operations. 

SPE Drilling & Completion is the successor publication to SPE Drilling Engineering.

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Characterizing, Designing, and Selecting Metal Mesh Screens for Standalone-Screen Applications

Mondal, Somnath, University of Texas at Austin
Wu, Chu-Hsiang, University of Texas at Austin
Sharma, Mukul Mani, University of Texas
Chanpura, Rajesh A., Schlumberger
Parlar, Mehmet, Schlumberger
Ayoub, Joseph A.,
170935-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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Stick/Slip Detection and Friction-Factor Testing With Surface-Based Torque and Tension Measurements

Lai, Stephen William, Pason Systems
Bloom, Matthew Richard, Nexen Energy ULC
Wood, Mitch Jason, Pason Systems
Eddy, Aaron John, Pason Systems
Holt, Trevor Leigh, Pason Systems
170624-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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Study of Thermal Variations in Wells During Carbon Dioxide Injection

Lund, Halvor, SINTEF Energy Research
Torsæter, Malin, SINTEF
Munkejord, Svend Tollak, SINTEF
173864-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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Theory-Based Review of Limitations With Static Gel Strength in Cement/Matrix Characterization

Li, Zichang, University of Pittsburgh
Vandenbossche, Julie, University of Pittsburgh
Iannacchione, Anthony, University of Pittsburgh
Brigham, John, University of Pittsburgh
Kutchko, Barbara, NETL
178923-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2016
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