SPE Drilling & Completion

SPE Drilling & Completion features papers covering horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions, and drilling operations. 

SPE Drilling & Completion is the successor publication to SPE Drilling Engineering.

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Automated Dynamic Well Control With Managed-Pressure Drilling: A Case Study and Simulation Analysis

Kinik, Koray, Weatherford
Gumus, Ferhat, Weatherford
Osayande, Nadine, Weatherford
168948-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Particle-Size-Distribution Measurement Techniques and Their Relevance or Irrelevance to Wire-Wrap-Standalone-Screen Selection for Gradual-Formation-Failure Conditions

Zhang, Ke, Rice University
Chanpura, Rajesh A., Schlumberger
Mondal, Somnath, University of Texas
Wu, Chu-Hsiang, University of Texas
Sharma, Mukul Mani, University of Texas
Ayoub, Joseph A., Schlumberger
Parlar, Mehmet, Schlumberger
168152-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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