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SPE Drilling & Completion features papers covering horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions, and drilling operations. 

SPE Drilling & Completion is the successor publication to SPE Drilling Engineering.

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Acid-Soluble Plugs--Pressure-Tight Solution for a Preperforated Liner

Livingston, Erica, ConocoPhillips Norway
Bjornen, Kevin, ConocoPhillips
Burkhead, David W., ConocoPhillips Co
Gilbert, Trey, ConocoPhillips Co
Kent, Anthony W, ConocoPhillips Stavanger
Leitch, John, ConocoPhillips Co
Zhou, Leon, ConocoPhillips Co
170694-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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