SPE Drilling & Completion

SPE Drilling & Completion features papers covering horizontal and directional drilling, drilling fluids, bit technology, sand control, perforating, cementing, well control, completions, and drilling operations. 

SPE Drilling & Completion is the successor publication to SPE Drilling Engineering.

Volume 30, Issue 02

On the Advection-Upstream-Splitting-Method Hybrid Scheme: A Simple Transient-Flow Model for Managed-Pressure-Drilling and Underbalanced-Drilling Applications

Udegbunam, John Emeka, University of Stavanger
Fjelde, Kjell Kåre, University of Stavanger
Evje, Steinar, University of Stavanger
Nygaard, Gerhard, University of Stavanger
168960-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Automated Dynamic Well Control With Managed-Pressure Drilling: A Case Study and Simulation Analysis

Kinik, Koray, Weatherford
Gumus, Ferhat, Weatherford
Osayande, Nadine, Weatherford
168948-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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A New Test Rig for Experimental Studies of Drillstring Vibrations

Westermann, Henrik, Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Gorelik, Ilja, Leibniz University Hannover
Rudat, Jens, Volkswagen AG
Moritz, Christoph, iXtronics GmbH
Neubauer, Marcus, Leibniz University Hannover
Wallaschek, Joerg, Leibniz University Hannover
Hohn, Oliver, Baker Hughes
176019-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Frictional Pressure Losses of Fluids Flowing in Circular Conduits: A Review

Ahmed Kamel, Ahmed H., Uni. of Texas Permian Basin
Shaqlaih, Ali S, Uni. of North Texas Dallas
176018-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Evaluating the Risk of Casing Failure Caused by High-Density Perforation: A 3D Finite-Element-Method Study of Compaction-Induced Casing Deformation in a Deepwater Reservoir, Gulf of Mexico

Guo, Yonggui, BP
Blanford, Mark, BP
Candella, Joseph, BP
170618-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Assessing Casing Wear in the Absence of a Baseline Caliper Log

Sawaryn, Steven James, BP Exploration
Pattillo, Phillip D, Clover Global Solutions, LP
Brown, Chris J., BP
Schoepf, Virginie, BP
173143-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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Particle-Size-Distribution Measurement Techniques and Their Relevance or Irrelevance to Wire-Wrap-Standalone-Screen Selection for Gradual-Formation-Failure Conditions

Zhang, Ke, Rice University
Chanpura, Rajesh A., Schlumberger
Mondal, Somnath, University of Texas
Wu, Chu-Hsiang, University of Texas
Sharma, Mukul Mani, University of Texas
Ayoub, Joseph A., Schlumberger
Parlar, Mehmet, Schlumberger
168152-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2015
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