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American Society of Safety Professionals

For more than 50 years,  ASSP's Professional Safety journal has been sharing the latest technical knowledge in SH&E—information that is constantly being developed through research and on-the-job experience.

Volume 54, Issue 04

April 2009

Huang, Yueng-Hsiang,
Leamon, Tom B.,
Courtney, Theodore K.,
DeArmond, Sarah,
Chen, Peter Y.,
Blair, Michael F.,
09-04-36 ASSE Journal Paper - 2009
Ronaghi, Mahmood,
Wu, John Z.,
Pan, Christopher S.,
Harris, James R.,
Welcome, Daniel,
Chiou, Sharon S.,
Boehler, Brad, Skyjack Inc.
Dong, Ren G.,
09-04-43 ASSE Journal Paper - 2009
Simon, Steven I.,
Cistaro, Peter A.,
09-04-28 ASSE Journal Paper - 2009

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