SPWLA publishes the journal Petrophysics bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October and December. Petrophysics contains original contributions on theoretical and applied aspects of formation evaluation, including both open hole and cased hole well logging, core analysis and formation testing. 

Volume 60, Issue 01

February 2019

Bérard, Thomas, Schlumberger
Chugunov, Nikita, Schlumberger
Desroches, Jean, Rocks Expert
Prioul, Romain, Schlumberger
2019-V60N1A9 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Badruzzaman, Ahmed, Pacific Consultants and Engineers / University of California, Berkeley
Schmidt, Andrea, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Antolak, Arlyn, Sandia National Laboratories
2019-V60N1A10 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Skalinski, Mark, retired Chevron ETC
Mallan, Robert, Chevron ETC
Edwards, Mason, Chevron ETC
Sun, Boqin, Chevron ETC
Toumelin, Emmanuel, Chevron ETC
Kelly, Grant, Chevron ETC
Wushur, Hazaretali, Chevron ETC
Sullivan, Michael, Chevron Canada Resources
2019-V60N1A1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Kausik, Ravinath, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Freed, Denise, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Fellah, Kamilla, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Feng, Ling, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Ling, Yanchun, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Simpson, Gary, Independent Consultant
2019-V60N1A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Newsham, Kent, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Comisky, Joe, Devon Energy Corporation
Chemali, Roland, Occidental Petroleum Corp.
2019-V60N1T1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Blount, Aidan, Shell Exploration and Production Company
McMullen, Adam, Shell Exploration and Production Company
Durand, Melanie, Shell Exploration and Production Company
Driskill, Brian, Shell Exploration and Production Company
2019-V60N1A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Elshahawi, Hani, Shell International Exploration and Production Inc.
Huang, Shan, Shell International E&P Inc.
Pollock, Jacob, Oceanit
Veedu, Vinod, Oceanit
2019-V60N1A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Theys, Philippe,
2019-V60N1A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Fokkema, Emile, Shell, NAM B.V.
Visser, Clemens, Shell, NAM B.V.
2019-V60N1A6 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019
Bolt, Harald, Depth Solutions
2019-V60N1A7 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2019

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