SPWLA publishes the journal Petrophysics bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October and December. Petrophysics contains original contributions on theoretical and applied aspects of formation evaluation, including both open hole and cased hole well logging, core analysis and formation testing. 

Volume 58, Issue 04

August 2017

Kausik, Ravinath, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Fellah, Kamilla, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Feng, Ling, Schlumberger-Doll Research
Simpson, Gary, formerly at Hess Corporation
2017-V58N4A1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017
Valori, Andrea, Schlumberger Dhahran Carbonate Research
Hursan, Gabor, Saudi Aramco
Ma, S. Mark, Saudi Aramco
2017-V58N4A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017
Andersen, Pål Østebø, University of Stavanger and The National IOR Center of Norway
Skjæveland, Svein Magne, University of Stavanger and The National IOR Center of Norway
Standnes, Dag Chun, University of Stavanger
2017-V58N4A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017
Bowers, Mark, ExxonMobil Development Company
Schnacke, Arthur, ExxonMobil Development Company
Hermance, William, ExxonMobil Exploration Company
2017-V58N4A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017
Zuo, Julian, Schlumberger
Gisolf, Adriaan, Schlumberger
Pfeiffer, Thomas, Schlumberger
Achourov, Vladislav, Schlumberger
Chen, Li, Schlumberger
Mullins, Oliver C., Schlumberger
Edmundson, Simon, Schlumberger
Partouche, Ashers, Schlumberger
2017-V58N4A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017
Zhang, Quanying, China University of Petroleum
Zhang, Feng, China University of Petroleum
Liu, Juntao, China University of Petroleum
Wu, He, China University of Petroleum
Wu, Guoli, China University of Petroleum
Jia, Wenbao, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Ti, Yongzhou, Isotope Research Institute of Henan Academy of Sciences Co. Ltd., Zhengzhou
Li, Jing, Guta Branch School of Mongolian Senior High School
2017-V58N4A6 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2017

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