SPWLA publishes the journal Petrophysics bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October and December. Petrophysics contains original contributions on theoretical and applied aspects of formation evaluation, including both open hole and cased hole well logging, core analysis and formation testing. 

Volume 53, Issue 06

Gas-Phase Relative Permeability Characterization on Tight-Gas Samples

Wang, Y., Shell International E&P Inc.
Chen, Z., Shell International E&P Inc.
Morah, V., Shell International E&P Inc.
Knabe, R.J., Shell International E&P Inc.
Appel, M., Shell International E&P Inc.
2012-V53N6A1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2012

Can Network Modeling Predict Two-Phase Flow Functions?

Sorbie, K.S., Heriot-Watt University
Skauge, A., University of Bergen
2012-V53N6A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2012

Use of a New Impedance Cell and 3D MRI to Obtain Fast and Accurate Resistivity Index Measurements from a Single Centrifuge Step

Bona, N., Eni E&P
Bam, B., Eni E&P
Pirrone, M., Eni E&P
Rossi, E., Eni E&P
2012-V53N6A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2012

Changes in Wettability State Due to Waterfloodin

Fogden, Andrew, Australian National University
Lebedeva, Evgenia V., Australian National University
2012-V53N6A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2012

Permeability, Porosity and Klinkenberg Coefficien Determination on Crushed Porous Media

Profice, Sandra, I2M–TREFLE - Universite de Bordeaux
Lasseux, Didier, I2M–TREFLE - Universite de Bordeaux
Jannot, Yves, LEMTA - Nancy-Universite
Jebara, Naime, TOTAL – CSTJF
Hamon, Gerald, TOTAL – CSTJ
2012-V53N6A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2012