SPWLA publishes the journal Petrophysics bi-monthly in February, April, June, August, October and December. Petrophysics contains original contributions on theoretical and applied aspects of formation evaluation, including both open hole and cased hole well logging, core analysis and formation testing. 

Volume 49, Issue 02

April 2008

Heaton, N., Services Techniques Schlumberger
Bachman, H.N., Sugar Land Product Center
Minh, C. Cao, Sonils Oil Services Center
Decoster, E., Av Intercommunal Andres Bello
LaVigne, J., Sugar Land Product Center
White, J., Pitmedden Industrial Estate
Carmona, R., Sector el Tambor
2008-V49N2A5 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2008
Market, Jennifer, Halliburton Energy Services
2008-V49N2A3 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2008
Xian, ChengGang, Schlumberger Overseas Ltd
Raghuraman, Bhavani, Schlumberger Doll Research
Carnegie, Andrew John, Schlumberger Oilfield Support Sdn Bhd
Goiran, Pierre-Olivier, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company
Berrim, Ahmed, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company
2008-V49N2A4 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2008
GuoXin, Li, PetroChina Company Ltd
YuHua, Wang, PetroChina (Daqing) Oil Company
Jie, Zhao, PetroChina (Daqing) Oil Company
FengPing, Yang, PetroChina (Daqing) Oil Company
ChangHai, Yin, Daqing Geological Institute
Neville, Thomas J., Schlumberger-Doll Research
Farag, Sherif, Schlumberger
XingWang, Yang, Schlumberger
YouQing, Zhu, Schlumberger
2008-V49N2A1 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2008
Looyestijn, W.J., Shell International Exploration and Production BV
2008-V49N2A2 SPWLA Journal Paper - 2008

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