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This quarterly publication delivers highly technical papers on applied research in hydrodynamics, propulsion, ship motions, structures, and vibrations. While the Journal of Ship Research requires that papers present the results of research that advances ship and ocean science and engineering, most contributions bear directly on other disciplines, such as civil and mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and numerical analysis. High quality papers are contributed from the U.S., Canada and overseas, with representation from established authorities as well as new researchers.


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Volume 10, Issue 04

December 1966

Berger, S. A., University of California and Todd Shipyards Corporation
Webster, W. C., Hydronautics, Inc.
Tapia, R. A., Todd Shipyards Corporation
Atkins, D. A., Todd Shipyards Corporation
JSR-1966-10-4-203 SNAME Journal Paper - 1966
Monacella, V. J., David Taylor Model Basin
JSR-1966-10-4-242 SNAME Journal Paper - 1966
Moeckel, George P., David Taylor Model Basin
JSR-1966-10-4-253 SNAME Journal Paper - 1966

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