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The Journal of Ship Production publishes original and timely technical papers addressing problems of shipyard techniques and production of merchant and naval ships appear in this quarterly publication. Since its inception, the Journal has been a forum for peer-reviewed, professionally edited papers from academic and industry sources. As such, it has influenced the worldwide development of ship production engineering as a fully qualified professional discipline. Each issue contains a well-rounded selection of technical papers relevant to ship professionals, including written discussions and author's closures. 

From Volume 26 onwards this journal is published as Journal of Ship Production and Design.

Volume 25, Issue 04

November 2009

Colin, Emerson C., Verax Consultoria
Pinto, Marcos M. O., Universidade de Sao Paulo
JSP-2009-25-4-175 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009
Noh, Jackyou, Seoul National University
Shin, Jong Gye, Seoul National University
Ko, Kwang Hee, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Chun, Jae An, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
JSP-2009-25-4-182 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009
Biswas, Pankaj, Indian Institute of Technology
Mandal, N. R., Indian Institute of Technology
JSP-2009-25-4-191 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009
Ritter, George W., EWI
Speth, David R., EWI
Yang, Yu Ping, EWI
JSP-2009-25-4-198 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009
Dong, Fang, University of Michigan 
Parvin, Hoda, University of Michigan 
Van Oyen, Mark P., University of Michigan 
Singer, David J., University of Michigan
JSP-2009-25-4-206 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009
Dhiman, Saurav, Vinod Gupta School of Management
Datta, Biplab, Vinod Gupta School of Management
JSP-2009-25-4-214 SNAME Journal Paper - 2009

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