Journal of Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Petroleum Technology is the flagship magazine of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  It presents authoritative briefs and features on E&P technology advancements, oil and gas industry issues, and news about SPE and its members. 

Volume 58, Issue 05

May 2006

Seright, R.S., New Mexico Petroleum Recovery Research Center
Chang, H.L., Intratech Inc.
Zhang, Z.Q., PetroChina
Wang, Q.M., Daqing Oil Field
Xu, Z.S., Daqing Oil Field
Guo, Z.D., Daqing Oil Field
Sun, H.Q., Shengli Oil Field, Sinopec
Cao, X.L., Shengli Oil Field, Sinopec
Qi, Q., Karamay Oil Field, PetroChina
0506-0080-JPT SPE Journal Paper - 2006
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Vasantharajan, S., Optimal Decisions Inc.
Al-Hussainy, R., Amerada Hess Ltd.
Heinemann, R.F., Berry Petroleum Co.
87836-JPT SPE Journal Paper - 2006
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