Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil-sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 53, Issue 01

Technology Summary
Ron Sawatzky, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures - Issue Coordinator

Technical Report
Petroleum Technology Research Center (PTRC)

In Memorium: Neil Edmunds, SPE

Thank You to Our 2013 Reviewers

A New and Practical Workflow for Large Multipad SAGD Simulation—An Oil-Sands Case Study

Card, Colin C.H., Computer Modelling Group Limited
Kumar, Anjani, Computer Modelling Group Limited
Close, Jason C., Computer Modelling Group Limitedd.
Kjosavik, Arnfinn, Statoil ASA (Norway)
Agustsson, Hafsteinn, Statoil ASA (Norway)
Picone, Matteo M., Statoil Canada Limited
165511-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2014
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Practical Control of SAGD Wells With Dual-Tubing Strings

Stone, Terry W., Schlumberger Information Solutions
Brown, George, Schlumberger Engineering Manufacturing and Sustaining
Guyaguler, Baris, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Bailey, William J., Schlumberger-Doll Research
Law, David H.S., Schlumberger Data & Consulting Services
149352-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2014
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Modelling of Bitumen-and-Solvent-Mixture Viscosity Data Using Thermodynamic Perturbation Theory

Zirrahi, Mohsen, University of Calgary
Hassanzadeh, Hassan, University of Calgary
Abedi, Jalal, University of Calgary
157930-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2014
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Quantitative Properties From Drill Cuttings To Improve the Design of Hydraulic-Fracturing Jobs in Horizontal Wells

Ortega, Camilo, University of Calgary
Aguilera, Roberto, University of Calgary
155746-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2014
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Effect of Dynamic Loading on Wellbore Leakage for the Wabamun Area CO2-Sequestration Project

Nygaard, Runar, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Salehi, Saeed, University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Weideman, Benjamin, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Lavoie, Robert Guy, RPS Energy Canada
146640-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2014
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