Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology

The Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology focuses on heavy oil and oil-sands technology, thermal recovery techniques, unconventional gas supplies, optimization techniques, increasing recovery from older basins, and other technologies designed for the production challenges of Canada. Most of these technologies have worldwide applications as well.

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Volume 51, Issue 05

Methodology for Estimating Recovered Solvent in Solvent-Aided Process

Gupta, Subodh C., Cenovus Energy
Gittins, Simon, Cenovus Energy
Canas, Christian, Cenovus Energy
136402-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Effect of Initial Water Saturation on the Thermal Efficiency of the Steam-Assisted Gravity-Drainage Process

Oskouei, S. Javad P., University of Calgary
Maini, Brij B., University of Calgary
Moore, R. Gordon, University of Calgary
Mehta, Sudarshan A., University of Calgary
138846-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Technology Options and Integration Concepts for Implementing CO2 Capture in Oil-Sands Operations

Ordorica-Garcia, Guillermo, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
Nikoo, Mehrdokt, Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures
Carbo, Michiel, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands
Bolea, Irene, Universidad de Zaragoza
137808-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Acoustic-Wave-Testing System for Monitoring the Vapour Chamber in Vapour-Extraction Process

Zhou, Wenjin, University of Regina
Paranjape, Raman, University of Regina
Asghari, Koorosh, University of Regina
144596-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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A Comparative Study on WAS, SWAS, and Solvent-Soak Scenarios Applied to Heavy-Oil Reservoirs Using Five-Spot Glass Micromodels

Farzaneh, Seyed Amir, Heriot-Watt University
Dehghan, Ali Akbar, Sharif University of Technology
Ghazanfari, Mohammad H., Sharif University of Technology
Kharrat, Riyaz, Petroleum University of Technology
158376-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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A Comparison of Polymer Flooding With In-Depth Profile Modification

Seright, Randall, New Mexico Tech
Zhang, Guoyin, New Mexico Tech
Akanni, Olatokunbo, New Mexico Tech
Wang, Dongmei, University of North Dakota
146087-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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Validation of Predicted Cumulative Sand and Sand Rate Against Physical-Model Test

Rahmati, Hossein, University of Alberta
Nouri, Alireza, University of Alberta
Vaziri, Hans, BP America
Chan, Dave, University of Alberta
157950-PA SPE Journal Paper - 2012
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